President Trump Just Called Out Two of the Media’s Most Dangerous Lies About COVID-19

RedState: Monday was a milestone in the battle against the media’s despicable 5-month unrelenting campaign of COVID-19 gaslighting.

During a White House press conference, President Trump insisted on two crucial facts about which the American public has been gravely misled.

First, he corrected an enormous misconception about lockdowns which Fauci and his media enablers have disgracefully encouraged:

Lockdowns do not prevent infection in the future. They just don’t. It comes back, many times it comes back. The purpose of a lockdown is to buy time to build capacity, especially with respect to hospitals, learn more about the disease and develop effective treatments as we did in the United States.

Exactly so.

I’ve been trying for months to get people to understand that lockdowns were never intended to decrease the number of people ultimately infected. The point was always just slowing down the rate of infection to prevent more new cases from occurring on any single day than our hospitals can handle, not preventing anyone from eventually getting sick. more here

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  1. Exactly.

    The Idiots up here say that things will not return to normal for 3 years. BULLSHIT!

  2. If we’d never started all that lockdown shit the whole thing would be over and in the past by now.

    And the death count probably wouldn’t be any higher than it will turn out to be anyway.

  3. If we hadn’t started all that lockdown shit in the first place the whole thing would be over and in the past by now.

    And the death count probably wouldn’t be any higher than the eventual count will be anyway, maybe even lower.

  4. So maybe most everyone knows this, but to review,

    COVID is short for Corona Virus and Disease.

    Mayo Clinics definition of Corona Virus:
    Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

    Today Dr Mark Segal was on FOX and explained how kids and their parents are constantly exposed to Corona Viruses and how they build immunity. Well now they think they are losing immunity because of the damn FACE MASKS.
    Case in point, they had some summer camp back east and 75% of the kids came down with COVA 19. Can they screw this shit up any farther?

  5. Hopefully, Trump urging everybody to wear a mask will cause all of the TDS sheepdipshits to stop wearing them.

  6. Film at 11. Nope, I would be surprised even 30 seconds of background audio is even mentioned on most channels.

  7. Should have ripped the band-aid 🩹 off months ago.

    Went to see the CPA, IRS is harassing my parent’s estate for their 2015 tax return, that’s another story unto itself, anyways he wasn’t wearing a mask, so I said do I have to wear mine? He shook his head no, we proceeded to have a good laugh about the mask crap. 😷

    No doubt, I really think the American people are getting their fill. 😁

  8. Thanks for explaining the patently obvious to us hicks that can barely read Brad. Maybe if you had some pictures we could really comprehend the complexities of covid being short for corona virus and disease. It’s only been in the news non stop for 6 months.

  9. Rick

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    I’m use to writing Mil-Spec shit where you justify your results. I can see why that would offend and confuse you. How long you going to keep looking for trouble with me?

  10. Oh I’m happy Brad, just not tolerant of assholes. Trouble with you, lol, whatcha gonna do, reach out through the interwebs? Fuck off.

  11. Can we stop f—king around with a vaccine now? I just watched an episode of “Futurama” from a few years ago, and the premise of the show was that a vaccine could not be created for a cold. The writers had do do some fantastical, impossible science fiction tricks to get around that fact. I don’t think Bill Gates, Fauci or anyone else has that option in real life. Just quit it right now.

  12. Willy/Rick

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  13. Way back in April the Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke said things that now look brilliantly prescient:
    “You’ve painted yourself into a corner. I’m watching with interest how are you and 100 other countries will climb out of the lockdown, because I don’t think any government that I know gave a minute’s thought about how they would get out of their different lockdowns.” and “A lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear. … Measures to flatten the curve might have an effect, but a lockdown only pushes the severe cases into the future — it will not prevent them.”

  14. OK Brad….My last comment on this….you read a whole bunch of your own shit into others comments…
    !) I really like SNS and his comments. so, your wrong…
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  15. I believe Trump is taking back the narrative. Apparently they flipped out over him saying ‘it is what it is’ about the death toll. We are now almost 5 months from shutting down and time to accept this is a disease that kills older people and sick people. Time to stop pretending it is anything else.

  16. Hey Willy

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    And hopefully we are good. And I’m not sick anymore.

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  23. @Vietvet..your wisdom doesn’t slather either the Weimeraner nor a beer drinking goat….It slathers the vestibule of arrogance and ignorance….and I know Vietvet to be wise….

  24. Brad, real doctors who cared more about people than their bank account have tried since the beginning to explain the immune system to people. Exactly why lock downs and masks will destroy the immune system and leave people vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. They’ve also went on to explain why it is ignorant to put people in masks because all of us who haven’t destroyed our immune systems have all kinds of bacteria and viruses and by breathing them back in we overload our system. A person who truly has coronavirus that wears a mask is going to make it a lot worse case.

    I have listened to these doctors from all over the country testifying in front of local cities/counties giving them the facts on masks, of course they’re usually ignored and instead they listen to their local health board who more often than not have no medical doctors on the board or they listen to hospital administrations who have a financial reason to want more covid cases and then are always the leftist doctors thrown in to the mix.
    The only people they never listen to are those whose only agenda are doctors who care about people’s health.

    I’ve learned some things though, there are more stupid and nasty people in this country than I knew there were.

  25. @willysgoatgruff (at 11:12 pm): I would never knowingly slather (or slander) either one of those fine animal avatars.


  26. Speaking of China, it’s easy to avoid their products.
    Bar code numbers 6 90 to 6 95 are imports, so now you know.


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