President Trump Notices Joe Biden’s Mental Decrepitude Even If the National Media Won’t

Redstate: While Joe Biden, the senator, was never going to discover a tear in the space-time continuum or demonstrate the feasibility of cold fusion he was engaging and could string together a N-V-N sentence…even if the sentence was total nonsense. Joe Biden, 2020 Edition, is none of those things. He is confused, disoriented, and combative. His public statements are bizarre, disjointed, and outlandish. Even Democrat establishment figures have begun to doubt Biden’s mental abilities while the mainstream press, which has devoted a few hundred hours to publicizing rando psychiatrists and psychologists to opine on President Trump’s psyche, has averted their collective eyes and refused to mention the obvious: Joe Biden is rapidly sliding into a clinical state of senility.

While the media refuse to take note, President Trump has decided that he will. This is from today’s press conference: MORE

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  1. Biden is as mentally corrupted by dementia as Hillary was a sack of potatoes in ’16, all while the official narrative of the media is that they are both fine.

    The left is now calling that governors who did not order a lockdown be prosecuted for something. Murder or something.

    So instead of whining about that, let’s call for the modelers who pulled numbers out of their asses to go to jail. And let’s prosecute the cdc officials who are telling doctors to count every death a virus death if there happens to be a virus in the system of the dead person. ( a guy falls over from a heart attack and dies and the cdc wants the dr’s to call it a coronavirus death if they can find the virus in the guy. Yes, they are really doing that) It’s being reported that the number of flu deaths is markedly dropping off right now by some coincidence. Gee, i wonder why?

    Let’s prosecute Cuomo for increase of suicides and drug abuse deaths heart attacks. If we can even find any, now that the cdc wants them all counted as coronavirus deaths.

    Fk defense. Let’s go on offense.

  2. The ‘ national media’ are chi-comm agents.
    Imagine turning traitor for chump change and tv time?

    Hang all the motherfuckers with piano wire.

  3. I don’t think Dementia Joe Obiden Bama will make it across the finish line to the Full Catastrophe Convention in August, but if he does, his campaign is going to be one long, embarrassing example of the failure of the MSDM to do the job they should’ve been doing all along. Everyone is going to be watching President Trump remind them why Trump Derangement Syndrome is one of the main causes of Fake News.

  4. From the linked article:
    “is just one more example of how our national media have stopped reporting news and have become junior members of the Democrat coalition.”

    IMO the DNC couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, and the media is actually the senior partner. It is they, after all, who have the power and the will to keep Biden’s mental decline out of the news.

    I wish someone would leak the call between POTUS Trump and Biden!

    WH Operator: “Vice President Biden? Sir, the president is on the line for you.”

    Biden: “Holy crap! Really? The president is calling me!?”
    (shouting to Dr. Jill Biden: “Hey, honey! Obama’s probably going to endorse me, finally!”)

    WH Operator: “Uh, I’m sorry sir, this is president Trump calling at the time you requested.”

  5. Both Joe Biden and the mainstream press are demonstrating the same mental illness although with different manifestations. The illness is TDS and they’re rotting away with it.

  6. DNC – Demonrat Nazi Coalition.

    The coalition of Media, Academia, Satanism, Nihilism, Socialism (both kinds), Perversion, Racism, Hatred, anti-Americanism, Infanticide, Arkancide, Mendacity, and Dissimulation.

    A coalition similar to that which made up the “Republicans” in the Spanish Civil War. This Wuhan Flu hoax is their first successful venture in a decade (since the midnight passage of ObolaCare).

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. It was Trump’s daily update on Friday March 27 where Dr Birx(?) showed a graph predicting 100,000 to 250,000 deaths and Trump stressed several things:
    *If our precautions work, the numbers will be much less
    *It will peak in 14 days (April 10), but will peak sooner if our precautions work

    The man is a genius with common sense, a rare combination.

  8. The news media has become the voice the heart and soul of the Democratic party. Even some of my local news anchors cannot help but show distain for the President when reading a report.
    It’s disgusting to watch them try to out hate each other.

  9. He knew he wasn’t going to win anyway, so he’s setting up a mental incapacity case hoping he won’t get prosecuted for the crimes HE and the dems actually committed, but for which they tried to prosecute Pres. Trump.

  10. The lame stream media keeps trying to hide that Joe is a doddering old pervert, but unless they hide him completely from sight, people are gonna notice. Next they’ll be using CGI to “enhance” his image.

  11. @xxx April 7, 2020 at 2:57 am

    > Fk defense. Let’s go on offense.

    Who is this “we”? You allude to?

    Besides the allure of my shiny, shiny, couch. Being left alone. To fend for itself. Who do you propose I fight for. As you are using the plural. So, I’m guessing you mean I fight for more than me.

    Which, is often a “plan”. (Rarely a “good” plan. But a “plan”.) So… Just a list of suggestions. At least. Who should I, me, get off my shiny, shiny, couch for? To “save”? At risk to my shiny, shiny, couch?

  12. Biden is only as good as whichever Clinton hack is filling in the blanks for him. Next time the media fluffs a Biden tweet, President Trump should give a shout-out to Ron Klain, who is doing yeoman’s work fronting for Sundown Joe.

  13. MY mom had Sundowners Syndrome just before she died a couple of years ago at almost 93. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, she was OK for the most part during the day but at night she was totally batshit crazy and drove my dad, my brother and I crazy trying to take care of her. We finally had to send her to a specialized care facility for a while after my dad died 3 months before her, it was one of the hardest things we ever did in taking care of her because we never knew when the demons that tortured her mind would come out or what they would do to her.

  14. I think the Demorats were planning on using this crisis to help them count the correct number of fake votes.


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