President Trump orders alien biometric IDs, dump 466,000 Obama green cards

American Thinker:  President Trump ordered biometric ID cards for all non-immigrant work visas and is moving to dump Obama’s executive order expanding H-1B green cards by 466,000.

Donald Trump’s first initiative as president was issuing the “Buy American and Hire American” order in April 2017 that instructed the U.S. Immigration Service to drastically restructure the job-destroying H-1B “temporary foreign worker” program.

Republican President George H.W. Bush joined Democratic senator Ted Kennedy to pass the Immigration Act of 1990 that expanded U.S. foreign worker visas, implemented family chain migration, and launched the H-1B “specialty occupations” visa program. MORE

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  1. But, but but … biometric is a violation of my privacy. I spend all day posting stupid shit about my pathetic life with other stupid libs. Mostly about how amazing everything is about what I do. A biometric ID gives HACKERS my fingerprint, and they can get into my checking account and take the $18 I have in there.

  2. Woo Hoo! But wait. Lawsuits by splc, aclu, blm, la raza, democrats, big biz to be be held in hawaii or 9th circuit asap.

  3. guess what? Looks like schools are going to have to ditch Critical Theory courses in order to keep their alumni dollars flowing. Hee hee

  4. “…Microsoft hardest hit.”

    Illustr8r, that might be a good thing. I’m in the process of upgrading my PC’s from Windows 7 to Windows 10 because End of Support next year.

    Finding many many things that no longer work, shit moved around that doesn’t need moving and can’t find the right places to fix what’s wrong

    As far as I’m concerned, Bill Gates can Die In A Fire.

  5. Rickn8or,
    Don’t give up the 7! Just because it’s reached End of Support, doesn’t mean it will stop working. It just means that MS won’t be doing any more updates and “fixes”.
    Keep using the 7!

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