President Trump supporters take to streets of Pa., Ga. and Mich. – IOTW Report

President Trump supporters take to streets of Pa., Ga. and Mich.


President Trump supporters are taking to the streets of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan in protest over the election.

Citizens of those battleground states have flooded the streets, holding Trump-Pence signs and rooting for “four more years.” Demonstrators were also seen reciting the pledge of allegiance and singing patriotic songs. They said the mainstream media has called the election too early.

“So, my reaction personally is I think it’s a little premature,” Trump supporter and Georgia resident James Wilson stated. “It just sounds like there’s going to be multiple states with recounts and an awful lot of litigation. So, I’m just hopeful that everybody stays calm and the country waits to see how that transpires.”

Many are drawing comparisons between this election to the Gore v Bush election where lawsuits went on for six weeks.

Hey, everyone, let me remind you: the media called the 2000 election for Al Gore too. You do remember President Gore, don’t you?
2:31 PM · Nov 7, 2020

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  1. If the results were to somehow be reversed at this point, through Court actions or recounts, what would you expect to happen in your city?

    And are you prepared for it no matter what it turns out to be?

    Same questions for what happens if it isn’t reversed/

    Be realistic about it, what you would expect to happen and what you would actually do.

  2. The Red Elephant in the room.

    Interesting. Turns out it’s fairly easy to cheat a little bit, and not get caught. But if you over do it. It’s a self trap of statistical impossibilities.

    Of course that may not mean much to a lot of people in a country where many people can no longer figure out what 9×9= without a calculator. . .

  3. How dare Trump disparage the integrity of our election process! He has been signaling his intentions for months when the polls turned against him.

    I heard some pasty faced talking head utter those words this AM on PBS.

  4. So this is the signal that all future elections will be a waste of time and will be stolen as a common practice. The death of honor and honesty in America has arrived. I wonder if their are any true patriots still around ready to make a bloody stand??? What does Barr say???

  5. My daughter talked to a guy in WI and he said there is no way Biden actually won. He said WI is more red than ever.

  6. At least we have paper ballots to examine and recount and are not totally dependent on electronic vapor that can’t be physically presented to even look at closely.

  7. FWIW: I awoke at about 3:30 ths morning from a dream that POTUS Trump was victorious against all the fraud. The case was made clear that there was a coordinated effort to defraud the People,but the mountain of deceit was of no consequence at all.

    Not saying my dream was prophetic, but it sure left me with greater assurance of the rightousness of our hope.

  8. There’s no doubt that we’re headed for violence. We’ve been backed in a corner and given two choices and that is to capitulate or fight by any means. Everything is at stake this time and we can’t wilt.
    I’m not suggesting everyone on our side resort to violence but some of us must.
    Is everything you’ve built and accumulated in life so precious that you’re willing to live under the yoke to keep it? Get on board or get out of the way.

  9. For those wondering- the antifablm will riot no matter what happens. And it will happen for no particular reason. That’s the left. Period.
    What they get away with is in the hands of the mayors and their governors.

  10. gin – the fight starts with the legal process and I think Lin Wood made a historical statement about that! We have to line up behind people like Lin and turn this into a legal steam roller that continues on after taking care of the election fraud and goes after the real criminals behind it! If that breaks down then the fight goes to the streets understanding that it may well go sooner depending on what the Left is willing to resort to (which is damn near anything as we have seen) but we should try to keep it clean for as long as possible. Having said that, the Left needs to know that we will preserve the American way of life and liberty under our Constitution no matter what!


    They have been cheating for years, let me count the ways:

    –Flooding in illegals to vote with driver’s licenses.
    –Illegals taking part in 10 year census which is a VOTE, because California keeps getting allotted more seats, that’s a vote in Congress.
    –Dead people vote.
    –Felons vote.
    –Pets vote.
    –Students vote on campus, then send absentees back home, who checks this? No one.
    –They can cheat and block windows during counting, when both democrats and Republicans should be present to verify the final tally.

    Is it worth the fight? HELL NO! No one has fought back literally EVER.

    (R) Stands for REACTIONARY, meaning, Republicans don’t stand for things, they just sit back and react a day late and a dollar short about what every mischief democrats are doing.

    (D) Dominant, meaning, they are in the driver’s seat, they always are, and they drive the car, and Republicans sit in the back and complain.

    You don’t have a country anymore, you never will. The voting laws and requirements should have been set A LONG TIME AGO! Bush had both chambers of Congress, do did Trump! What the fuck did they do? Did they think Trump Derangement Syndrome wouldn’t be at the polls? Now what can be done? All the Trump ballots have probably been burned by now, no recount will do anything about that, they never counted them in the first place.

    30 years past time to secede. I warned you…

  12. There is a very simple but highly visible way to show where you stand, even if you don’t live in GA, PA, etc.: take off your mask, for good. Let’s have a show of noses!

  13. State legislatures decide the slate of electors, and will do so after recanvas activities. It will be the recanvas that determines most of the cheating and that has not begun. And courts will be involved. The biased media has been at war with DJT since before his first win, they are in on it just as much as the rest of the ultimately proven wrong stories they peddled for years. (or knowingly withheld from the public) Are we too really believe someone won the highest office in the land with a campaign like that? This is all about the cover ups. The ending of all the corruption Investigations that led to nowhere thanks to a long list of swamp people in charge. They didn’t just steal an election they stole every last ounce of belief that Americans have unalienable rights. I want to remain hopeful, because if these people win, they are coming after anything that they perceive as opposition with the full weight of endless resources. If DJT prevails, just more fodder to disrespect the man and disenfranchise half the citizens.

  14. “I am a poll watcher, and was told to leave when the counting started.”

    THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE!? You throw punches, and make them drag you out in a body bag. Republicans do what they are told and complain about it after the fact.

    Too late then buddy!

  15. Blink, I remember the rule of 9’s watching Square One a kids math program on PBS back in the 90’s. 9 times 1 equals 9, 9 times 2 equals 18, 1 and 8 equals 9 and so forth any factor of 9 times any other number will always be a factor of 9, so 9 times 9 equals 81, 1 and 8 make 9. It makes it so easy to figure out what 9 times 9 will always equal a factor of 9 when it was explained this way on a kids math show on PBS no less. It’s a no brainer.

  16. geoff the aardvark So old that the indoctrination camp he went to was called a “school”. If you went to a school that was named John F Kennedy Public school, (or(G`D) forbid,) Martin Luther king, or knew some one your age that did, you didn’t go to school you went to an indoctrination camp.

  17. I did go go to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School way back in 1959 when I was in 1st grade. My first grade teacher Mrs. Hamburger thought I was a dummy because I couldn’t learn to read using the bs failed look say method of teaching kids to read, fortunately my mom and a second grade teacher taught me to read and write phonetically And I went to Jefferson in 1964-65 when I was in 6th grade. Sacajawea Junior High 1965-67 where they put me on Ritalin because I was supposedly disruptive but my biggest problem was that I hated school and I could read write better than almost all my classmates. High School I skated thru especially after I learned how to drive in 1969. They had an open campus policy that allowed me to not be there between classes so I could be found at Clark’s old book store in downtown Spokane or the public library or down at my dads gas station am mile or so away from my HS. I hated HS, it was a waste of my time and it got me into a lot of trouble with the school administrators in my Senior year 1970-71 but I did graduate. I have always been a self learner and got far more out of reading everything I could get my hands on than being imprisoned inside of a school bored shitless.

  18. @Geoff – that was part of the reason for choosing the 9×9 example. Many no longer know the multiplication table. Cannot do the simple addition for the rule of 9s method. Or don’t know or can’t even do the 9×9 = 10×9 – 9 = 90 – 1 method. It’s look confused till they pull out the smart phone math app.

    Finding a store clerk that can count back change without the cash register figuring it out for them – forget about it.


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