President Trump Threatens To Sue Pelosi, Schiff Over Impeachment


President Trump is saying he’s willing to sue House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff over the impeachment inquiry. In a speech Saturday, he said his administration would “look into” suing the top Democrats leading the inquiry.

Democrats launched the impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower spoke out about the president’s call with the Ukrainian president. He has been accused of pressuring the foreign government to investigate Joe Biden, one of his political opponents in the upcoming election. President Trump has refuted these accusations and has called the inquiry a “witch hunt.”

During his speech, the president remarked on Pelosi’s flip flopping views regarding impeachment and suggested suing both her and Schiff.

“I said, ‘sue him anyway’ — even if we lose, the American public will understand,” said President Trump. “Maybe, we should just impeach them.” more here

11 Comments on President Trump Threatens To Sue Pelosi, Schiff Over Impeachment

  1. SUE?!? Didn’t we used to HANG people who committed treason and attempted to overthrow lawfully elected Presidents?

    *sue*…oh well, it’s a start, the discovery will be interesting, anyway…

  2. Can you imagine living in these two bimbos districts? You’re surrounded by idiots, I’d have to move to keep from shooting all my neighbors.

    What really needs to be done is tear the government down and rebuild. Give pink slips to every single government employee, as they’re truly the ones pulling the strings. Send every congresscritter and aides back home.

  3. Working hand in hand with the Deep State to obstruct the function of an elected President. Send them away in the next election, all of them, they stand together as a enemy of the people of the USA.

  4. Honest question, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. In a sane world democrats would lose the majority of their seats, however we don’t really live in a sane world anymore. So what do we do if the demoncrats keep control of the House and even worse the Senate?
    That pretty much means either there are more of them than there are of us or they’re even better at stealing elections. Either way it will be proof we can’t fight the war at the ballot box. So what do we do?

  5. Always verbalizing threats, but never makes them good. Hillary is still free as a rat to be a 2020 candidate. Whatever happened to the “Lock her up!” campaign chant? Not one Democrat/Obama political criminal is behind bars since Trump got in office. A seditious coup is in progress, but no one is yet arrested–not even Antifa terrorists backed by Demorats/commie politicians/celebraties. Can’t believe what Trump says until it has been done.

  6. Heard just recently, that two cannibal circus clowns kidnapped Pelosi near the White House.

    By the time they ate about half way through the horrendous carcass, they suddenly stopped and immediately checked into the nearest hospital emergency room because, “she began tasting funny!” they said.

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