President Trump to Award Jon Voight with National Medal of Arts

Breitbart: President Donald Trump will award the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight with the National Medal of Arts, the White House announced on Sunday.

In a statement, the White House confirmed that Jon Voight, who is one of Trump’s few prominent Hollywood supporters, will be honored at a ceremony later this week for his “exceptional capacity as an actor to portray deeply complex characters.”

“Captivating audiences, he has given us insights into the richness of the human mind and heart,” the statement read. more

14 Comments on President Trump to Award Jon Voight with National Medal of Arts

  1. Excellent. Voight is a true actor. He becomes his character and makes me believe that the character exists. The actor is forgotten.

  2. Jon Voight is a good guy and all, but I have a hard time with Presidential awards for actors simply because they are good at pretending to be someone they are not. Now if he was to risk his life to save a trainload of children I can see a civilian award for bravery, …..but for actors being good pretenders, I don’t think so.

  3. @joe6pak: I totally agree with you, but right now I’ll go along with anything that pokes a sharp stick in the eye of the Left and their Hollywood lap dogs. Sometimes you gotta take the small victories when they come, even when they do emit the faint aroma of three-day old fish.

  4. Hard to remember at times that Hollywood isn’t completely dominated by a##holes. Voight’s one of not to many. Good choice! A solid actor.


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