President Trump Tweets About NASCAR Noose Hoax – Media Go Bananas

CTH: Earlier today President Trump drew attention to the purposeful fraud pushed by NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.  In interviews Mr. Wallace said: “a noose was placed in my garage” and “the noose was hanging over my car.”  Both of those statements were false.

On June 25th NASCAR released a picture of the garage pull-down rope and knot that both they and Bubba Wallace described as a “noose hanging over the car“.

Except it clearly was not hanging over the car, and it clearly wasn’t a “noose” or it wouldn’t function to help pull the door down. Driver Bubba Wallace now calls it “a non-functioning noose.” Or, in simple terms, a garage pull-down rope with a loop-knot tied in the end.

However, what NASCAR did not realize was the picture they provided actually makes the situation worse; because the picture shows something else, something worse:

The picture was taken Sunday, in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall #4, when the race was cancelled due to inclement weather (rain and lightning). However, pay close attention to the partially visible uniform on the man standing at the left of the picture.

That person is a member of the Wood Brothers Race Team and this is a VERY important facet. The picture was taken Sunday, prior to the “noose” (hereafter called a knot) being cut down. According to a statement by the Wood Brothers team, they informed NASCAR officials the garage-pull in question was in place in 2019:

“One of our employees notified us yesterday … he recalled seeing a tied handle in the garage, from last fall. We immediately notified NASCAR and have assisted the investigation”. (link)

So that would explain why one of the Wood Brothers team was present on Sunday June 21st when the photograph was taken.

But here’s the problem…. If that picture was taken by NASCAR that means NASCAR was aware the knot in question was in place in 2019; and therefore knew Bubba Wallace was not the target…. and they would know this on Sunday; before they went out and made a big racial publicity stunt over it. read more

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  1. get woke … go broke

    goodbye NooseCar … as w/ the NFL & the NBA … you put this shit on yourselves

  2. noosecar’s bubba the race card driver was threatened by the door pull down rope.

    was there fried chicken and watermelon in his garage stall too?

    well noosecar gained in fans right up to this moment, now they killed the goose that laid the golden egg

    back to dirt tracks on saturday night with real cars and men who can make them go fast

  3. We found a small racing dirt track for motorcycles right outside the city and that is going to be our “go-to” for sports entertainment this summer. I have a feeling that our fave college football team, FSU, is going to be under constant commie scrutiny to change their name, which would wreck the entire school. They will give in, weak assed fools.

    I hate commies, have I ever mentioned that before?

  4. He ain’t no Bubba,not where I come from.
    Hi-Yella or a Brass Ankle.Bubbas are GOOBERS
    REDNECKS & CRACKERS.Nastycar is just an empty
    shell of what it was when ole Petty #43 was around
    in the 60’s.Back then you put whatever the hell motor
    you wanted in your car.

  5. Remember about ten years ago when liberals wanted to get rid of football? Well, they’ve concocted a scheme to get rid of all sports. This is another psyop intended to change our culture.

  6. NASCAR followed Bubba Wallace straight into the weeds and they aren’t ever coming back. Bubba was a fair-to-midland racer who allowed himself to be wrecked in the process. The GREAT NASCAR HOAX wiped them both off the tracks.

  7. There is a difference between a noose and a hangmans knot.
    This asshole wanted some notice and couldn’t do it by performance on the track so he plays victim.
    I’m sooooo sick of these crybabies.

  8. He’s a whiny little biotch because he hasn’t won a race.
    He had to do something to get attention so he can keep car sponsors and get more from the woke crowd.
    It’s disappointing the other drivers and the organization fell for it and then never apologized to the fans.

    I guess our new sports will be watching antifa and BLM being taken down by cops and citizens.

  9. Trigger Alert: Putting bananas in the thread title is the equivalent to putting a loop in a door pull.

  10. …Bubba Wallace is doing all this racial crap for the same reason Colin Kapernick does, they are both very, very mediocre in their respective sports and would quickly disappear if they didn’t make their skin color an issue. Now, Bubba can never be got rid of for sucking as a driver because dat be rayciss, and even if he DOES, he has a bright future filled with shoe contracts and inciting riots ahead of him, facts be damned, and if he can learn to talk they may even make him a Senator…

  11. I have an old friend who lives for sports and Miller Lite…. All of the pandering, pussification and kneeling will not dissuade him. His wife who used to enjoy sports with him, now leaves the room when anything but the NHL is on. I gave up on professional sports some time back and do not regret it. I will still continue to support Gamecock Baseball (until college Baseball does something inane).

  12. “I woulda won – cept I ran outta gas!”

    “I woulda won – cept I lost all those battles!”

    “I’da been the greatest Astro-Physicist-Rocket-Scientist genius on Earth – cept I’sa plumber!


    izlamo delenda est …

  13. NOOSECAR perpetrated this scam on purpose in order to redirect their fan base to a more national, liberal, dull minded audience which has more patience for watching cars make constant left turns for 500 miles and to listen to the drivers constantly spout the names of their sponsoring entities!

  14. If you want all the thrills, chills and wrecks of participating in race car driving get on the interstate at rush hour, and its free!

  15. In the same vein as above – I’da been the greatest President of all time if I didn’t suck (both literally and figuratively) worse than all the others – including Jimmy Carter!

  16. Thank God that most all criminals are STOOPID !

    They can never hide their crime absolutely, and often their scheme blows up in their face.
    If LE were ever truly unleashed to really clean up, we’d be done with these idiots.

    What’s hilarious is that they (here I’m including Media) are too stupid to yet realize they are no match for President Trump.

  17. Being half black means never having to say you’re sorry.

    If you “felt” threatened by something that was not a threat then your very real feelings are all that matter.

    However, if you are afraid of your shadow then you are racist because your shadow is darker than you.


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