President Vows To Recover California High Speed Rail Funds

In what may be a precedent setting action, the President of the United States has canceled nearly a billion dollars in funds earmarked for California’s canceled high speed rail project and has vowed to recover the $2.5 billion that has already been misspent.

While it is common in the private sector for parties to seek restitution when a contract has been breached, such actions to recover taxpayer money in the public sector is unheard of. More

9 Comments on President Vows To Recover California High Speed Rail Funds

  1. @Anonymous; it’s going to be tricky for the 9th Circus to rule against Trump even though they’re getting little chubbies under the their robes thinking they can, because even the average Californian (and the moderate to severe Democrats everywhere) can understand that if the project has been cancelled (creating a “last train to Clarkesville” doesn’t count as the project signed on for) then the money comes back or isn’t sent in the first place. They risk a real backlash and greater support for Trump breaking up the 9th.

  2. “This is CA’s money, allocated by Congress for this project. We’re not giving it back.”

    The money allocated by Congress was AMERICAN TAXPAYER money. I am an American taxpayer and I want that money back.

  3. Put a border wall around Any-Twosome-Newsom. Then deport all the
    free-shitters. California could pay back the U.S. citizens in a few days, be solvent by Christmas.


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