President Wants To Go In “Tougher Direction” For Head Of ICE

President Donald Trump withdrew his nominee for Director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement yesterday. It is being reported that advisor Stephen Miller and the union that represents ICE officers both lobbied against Ron Vitiello, who is currently serving as acting head of the agency.

Indications are Vitiello was not fully on board with ever closing down the southern border with Mexico and that the president is wishing to move in a “tougher direction” for ICE than Vitiello. More

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  1. The “tougher” direction would be mandatory E-Verify for every potential employee (what employer/person doesn’t have access to the internet???). And if you’re not absolutely sure of their status (i.e. are you willing to go to jail?), don’t hire.
    You must maintain record of E-Verify request AND response. No records? You get to go to jail. Third failure, CEO gets to go to jail. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  2. “Trump nominated Vitiello to head the agency in August.”

    “Miller went to the President and told him that Vitiello, who has led the agency in an acting capacity since last summer, was not fully in favor of closing the southern border, as Trump has threatened to do in recent days.”

    HAHAHAHA! One of the benefits of the Democrats dragging their feet on confirming Trump’s appointments– these guys get comfortable and expose themselves!

  3. Like beta obama hired crazy alpha women traitors like him, Trump needs to hire alpha patriots like him, male or female.

    Go Donald!

  4. Well, hoo-damn-rah. Now get it under control.
    You have been screwing around with it way too
    long, Mr. President.

  5. DHS seems to enjoy the challenge of having illegals run wild inside the US. It is surprising that DHS even allows ICE to do its job at all. Murderers-at-large must be the Communists’ dream. There is something wrong about this news that indicates that again Trump is not the real boss! Isn’t the object TO STOP illegals from getting across the border?

    Trump pulls ICE director nominee amid threats to close border over illegal immigration
    Trump said he wants someone “tougher” to lead ICE.
    by Katherine Faulders and Quinn Owen Apr 5, 2019 2:00 PM

    “The unexpected move comes at the end of a week in which Trump repeatedly threatened to close the border but then backed down, claiming his threat has caused Mexico to stop thousands of migrants from trying to enter the U.S.”

    MS-13 is spreading the word for members to cross the border with fake family units
    Published 4 hours ago on April 6, 2019 By JD Rucker

    Trump’s DHS Releases More than 17K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 12 Days
    by JOHN BINDER 4 Apr 2019

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