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President Warns About The “Seductive” Nature of Socialism

The President sat down for a 40 minute interview with Breitbart News yesterday to discuss socialism, the current generation of radical democrats,  and the menace to the nation of both. To quote the president, “socialism is easy to campaign on but tough to govern on, because the country goes down the tubes.” More

6 Comments on President Warns About The “Seductive” Nature of Socialism

  1. “Socialism walked into the night club in a backless dress with a plunging neckline. All eyes were on this seductive beauty as she sauntered across the floor with a streamer of toilet paper stuck to her heel…..”

  2. Aron,
    It’s never been sexy. That would be an insult to the followers. It would mean that something about “her” wasn’t equal. The toilet paper part is comical except that we all know TP production would cease to exist because the workers would have to work for the evil industrialists. The industrialists would of left the country already and the workers would not have the knowledge to run the mill. The trained workers also would of left the country for greener pastures.

    Maybe a page from the communist want ads would be better for hanging off her shoe.

  3. I never said “sexy”. I said “seductive”. As Trump did.


    “Socialism sat down at a cozy booth and ordered something Italian. She complained that her San Peligrino was the worst beer she’d ever had. Trouble ensued when the club refused to accept her library card as payment….”

  4. Get married to Socialism and yer wedding would be like this;

    After the wedding we retired to rest
    I thought I would die when that female undressed
    A trunk full of cotton she first did unload
    I thought it darned funny for a nineteen year old

    She took off her left leg as high as her knee
    She took off her fingers, I countered but three
    While there on the carpet her glass eye did roll
    I thought it darned funny for a nineteen year old

    She took off her eyebrows, I thought I would faint
    Next from her mug came a carload of paint
    She took off her false wig, her old bald head told
    I thought it peculiar for a nineteen year old

    She took out her teeth, I jumped up in terror
    Her chin and her nose fell right in together
    Now I’m telling you folks she was a sight to behold
    That fair little maiden just nineteen years old

  5. What the hell do you need TP for when there’s no food either?
    Don’t need TP for non-defecation; problem solved!


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