Presidential Debate Flashback

Obama Attacks Romney For Saying Russia Our Biggest Geopolitical Threat…  Obama To Romney: “Cold War Is Over Governor”Romney-Obama-Russia-Debate-620x385.png


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  1. Romney’s book “No Excuses” talks at length about the geopolitics around the world. Pretty much everything he predicted is coming true. Obama’s two books talked at length about Barack Obama, and nothing else. Romney was a hundred times better, but the country turned exceptionally stupid and reelected the Worst a President In History.

  2. The cold war has never stopped, but the degrees have varied.

    Even a climate change believing Nazi should be able to understand that.

  3. It’s over because I’m a commie and I waltzed right into office with no vetting from our commie infiltrated media.

  4. What’s with Romney all over the blogs these days? Is he thinking of giving it a third try?

    CRUZ 16

  5. Too bad Mitt didn’t care enough about us to actually fight for it.

    All he needed to do was tell Dingy Harry, just once on a hot mic, that “if you suggest, just one more time, that I haven’t paid my taxes, I’m going to come down there and punch you right in your motherfucking mouth”! And I mean, word for word.

    Five million otherwise uninspired conservatives would have gotten off their dead asses and put him in office.

    But instead we got the Golly Jeepers Mitt. That shit doesn’t sell in modern America.

  6. Objectivism and Facts no longer matter.

    Free people in CT, NY and CA need to prepare for gun confiscation. Yesterday.

    The Republic is done. There is no accommodation of or negotiating with communism.

  7. Chief, you nailed it.

    after next november, when the SHTF election wise, i hope see aggressive conservatives like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy on the warpath, and leave the Romney/Christie coalition at home with the women

  8. Chief Illinicake — Thanks for telling it like it is — this is why this site is worth 100 of the other worthless blogs.

    I met my Congressman today — Todd Young (R-9th IN) at a Repub meeting. I mentioned that the reason the grassroots Repubs were so disillusioned with the leadership is that the leadership always caves. He basically did not think that purist Conservative ideology was viable — he believes in ‘incrementalism’. (i.e going along to get a smidgen done). And THAT is why we lose.


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