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  1. build the wall in memory of kate steinle and the thousands of others who should be alive today were it not for the leftist fraud, corruption, and godless perversion of society

  2. Whether he calls the National Emergency tonight or not…
    Whether he signs the Executive Order tonight or not…
    …he’s already *triggered* enough on the Left to make it worth it!
    I *do* expect it to be more than a set-up for the State of the Union speech.
    Got my bourbon and chips ready with the Generalina.

  3. I’ll check back for updates. I’m on part 13 of a 26 part BBC series on WW1 that was made in 1964.

    BBC documentaries are my kryptonite.

  4. I won’t be watching it on CNN, but I’ll probably dial it up after the whole thing is over just to see the hand wringing, caterwauling and stuttering….

  5. My prediction:

    President Trump stands there, takes out his PEN, dials the Pentagon on his PHONE: “Hello, I am declaring a state of emergency. Send all available troops, equipment and support staff to the Southern border and build a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL! Goodnight.”

  6. I will build a barrier
    I will speed up the process of granting those who have legally applied, for visas
    I will grant citizenship to any immigrant who has served in the armed forces of the United States for three years or more and was honorably discharged.
    I will grant citizenship to any immigrant who entered the United States legally and has not been convicted of a felony for five years.
    Every person applying for a visa, including students, businessmen, diplomats and other motherfuckers shall produce an Chest Xray, a medical report, and a police report from their local corrupt officials.
    At least it would be an improvement over what the hell is going on now.

  7. I don’t think he’s going to declare an emergency tonight. Only because he’s visiting the border on Thursday.

  8. Stormy says she’ll be folding clothes in her underwear during the speech, then she’ll be vacuuming her house naked.

  9. It’s now or never. But why didn’t he force it when he still had a House majority? It would have been easier then.

  10. Trump: We’re gonna build a big, beautiful motherfuckin’ wall to keep all those motherfuckers out of our country. And we’re cracking down on those awful-lookin’ hajib wearin’ motherfuckers from Palestine or whatever motherfuckin’ shithole those motherfuckers escaped from.

  11. This would make my life worth living. If my President shows up and says: Good evening my fellow Americans. God Bless you all. Before I start, I would like to show you a short clip. Then show the clip of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Diane Feinstein speaking about the necessity of a controlled border and the vetting of immigrants. “for the security of our nation.”
    Then show a short clip of “people who laughed at Trump.”
    Then have at it Mr. President.

  12. The TeeVee listing for tonight on CNN during the address says Cuomo Prime Time.

    Doesn’t look like they are going to show it, or at least there is no mention on the schedule. Cuomo’s ass partner will be on the following hour to cry about it, the dumbest anchor in news: Don Lemon.

    Only network that has it listed on the schedule is FOX.

    I look forward to see the babies cry on CNN. It’s so such a cringe fest it crosses over to comedy. I used to drink every time they’d bring up racist, deplorable, xenophobia, misogynist, all the buzz words, but the past few times passed out on the stairs trying to make it to bed.

  13. I’ll be listening to his speech on the radio and reading your comments here. It’s the best (and least stressful way) I have found to digest these things.

  14. Pres. Trump could just sit there saying, blah, blah, blah and liberal heads would still explode. They’ve been working themselves into a lather since yesterday.

  15. I have a feeling Trump is going to take a flamethrower to both Dems and Rinos tonight.

    I hope he skewers them good!

  16. So is CNN going to use Google to do their fact check? That’s what I would expect. Should be a great after show, with the bobble headed dummycrats, using their dog whistles to virtue signal to their minions, that now they can riot and break things.

  17. @JZ
    Antifa is warming up in downtown Portlandia even as we speak!
    Feces flying, windows breaking. Chuck and Nancy must be so proud.

  18. Not watching. Don’t have to.

    I am confident what DJT POTUS will say.


  19. He’s being very diplomatic, “presidential”. Guess he’s giving the left loons more time to be reasonable. Not going to work. Just build the wall, Mr. President.

  20. Chuckles Shumer is going to say the heinous crimes of illegals is rare and a racist assault against “decent” people.

  21. Disappointing.

    Mr. President, please shit or get off the pot. The democrats aren’t going to meet you half way. Fuck them and be done with it.

  22. On Thursday, during his visit to the border he needs to declare a National Emergency and assign the DOD job of border security and the building of a beautiful wall. Tonight would have been better.

  23. Guess what, not watching, but LISTENING ON THE RADIO.

    I would filibuster with the name of every death of every american taken by an illegal until the network cut me off.

    And yes it would have gone on for hours, maybe days, never mind the officers on the line.

    May God bless yous.

  24. Short, sweet and to the point.
    So different from Obama who carried on for an hour every chance he got and talked about himself so much it became a drinking game.
    Right on Mr. Pres!
    Back to the hockey game.

  25. Listened in on my 1968 Panasonic eight transistor. Seemed appropriate somehow. Turned off the second he signed off.

  26. NaN and Chuckie lies.
    How can we believe it is Chuckie if he doesn’t have those glasses down on the tip of his nose?

  27. “Mr. President, please shit or get off the pot. The democrats aren’t going to meet you half way.”

    No, they are not. But he’s got to make every possible attempt to reach out to them on this before he makes a move, if he’s going to make one. It won’t make any difference to the Left and their mindslaves but everybody else will know he did what was right and they didn’t.

  28. Boy, Chuckie and Nasty sure spent a LOT of time in make-up tonight. Maybe they started working on them yesterday.

    That’s all I gotta say about them because there is no way in hell I’m going to listen to them.

  29. the wall was promised by the demomarxist to Reagan. the wall was budgeted during Bush II & Obysmal …. never got done

    the only one that can make this happen is Trump … we do it now, or forever sink into the ending of the American Experiment

  30. I watched and listened to President Trump hoping he intended to be a strong and decisive leader. But, he wasn’t. He accomplished nothing. What he said was what everyone already knew. Nothing critically decisive occurred. Certainly no call to arms for national security. What a waste of media time. Time for tears, or anger as we still stand betrayed as abused Americans.

  31. Stay the course Trump is right.
    This is do or die time folks, we have to stand with our President,the left has nothing but lies to offer everyone and more death to any of us at anytime at the hands of a illegal.

  32. It’s up to y’all now. Drive the message home by writing to your senators and Congress critters. Do it now!

    I wrote to mine and the message was…

    I’m tired of the crime. I’m tired of the murders. I’m tired of the drugs. I’m tired of the sex trafficking. I’m tired of the litter.


    Bury them in messaging.

  33. He sounded hoarse and tired to me. 😟

    I missed the beginning because the station I was listening to never cut away to him. WTH! Anyhoo.

  34. I watched a little delayed. Good speech by the president, at least gives the opportunity to moderate Americans to hear him verbatim.
    I made it about a minute into Pelosi’s blather. Was there an over/under on the number of times she would say ‘facts’? – and then provide a lie?

  35. tRuth — I respectfully disagree.

    We’ve just come off the Christmas and New Year holidays, the kids are back in school, a lot of people tuned out anything going on in the gov’t over the holidays. The D’s have spent the past two weeks flooding the airwaves with BS about all those “poor, unhappy gov’t workers” who are affected by “Trump’s shutdown.”

    It was time for our president to state the case and make clear where the D’s stand on the issue.

    He had one ask for us: call your reps and demand they fund southern border security in full. Do it.

  36. Schumer lied!!!! He said Farmers desperately need loans to survive. What a sack of crap he was dishing out. Pisses me off!!!! Farmers are doing fine right now prices are coming back. We don’t need loans you weasel.

  37. Jesus! Nancy looked human, what the fuck happened? Nice suit Chuck.
    You did good for a kid from Brooklyn. All on the gov teat.

  38. Trump’s best line- we build walls because we love the people inside.
    Drawing Chuck and Nancy into defending not securing the border a big win. Schumer looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Neither exuded confidence. Nice to find some flags that never made it to HRC DNC.
    Decided to watch on Fox to see their take, pretty sick of Hannity being an apologist with his constant I agree only 2% commit crimes. They all are criminals. No one is judging their human worth, just their action which makes them all law breakers.

  39. Cryin Chuck and Nancy looked like ma and pa kettle. Two of them to counter trump. They should have had AOC with them at least then they would have 1/3 of a brain combined.

  40. Something to bear in mind for those (including myself) wishing Trump had been more forceful this evening is that he frequently takes on very a different public demeanor when dealing with a problem/negotiation than his private one.

  41. Didn’t bother watching because I knew the odds were north of 90% that absolutely nothing would change. Nothing ever does anymore because DC is a stagnant shithole filled with useless morons. Trump is just one man. But the shittiness of the status quo is legion.

  42. Trump did EXACTLY what he had to do. He took it to the people. Trump quoted facts, figures, and verifiable data. Chancy, not so much. Like a couple little kids accusing one of their siblings of lying to their parents.

    We need to start defending Trump on Mexico paying for the border wall. As a businessman, if I open up a revenue stream with a customer, or reduce costs with a vendor, and use that for a new endeavor or development of a new product line, then that vendor or customer is financing that for me. That’s not a stretch at all.

    PS, Chancy has so much make up on they looked dead.

  43. I saw a screen grab of Chuck and Nancy. They looked like the old man farmer and his wife in the painting, “American Gothic.”

  44. Idiot Chuck Todd doesn’t know his asshole from his elbow.

    This was an address to the country announcing to all “I’m asking Democrats to work with me”.

    When they don’t, he can point to this address and say “I tried”.

    Then he can do whatever he wants.

    Next Tweet: A picture of an open drawer of the desk in Oval Office with a pen and a phone in it.

    Our people are dying because Democrats love open borders more than open government. Cease all federal funds going to the Confederate Liberal States of Anti-America.

    Find the next Sherman to burn their homes down and March to the sea. They all seemed to be fans of that strategy during the Civil War and many don’t think it went far enough.

  45. Trump could have been more dynamic and hard hitting. The fact that he was “Presidential” in his presentation makes he believe that if the libs don’t come to the table with the genuine intention of putting a workable deal on the table that he is looking forward to declaring a National Security Emergency. This is the time to stick it up the libs asses!

  46. Man this BBC documentary on WW1 is awesome. 26 40 minute commercial free episodes.

    Made in 64 means the participants who relate their stories are perfectly normal, articulate adults instead of the usual centenarians who mumble on about black bread and the Kaiser. Also, every other documentary ever made about WW1 uses footage and interviews from this series.

    Not to give anything away, but things are starting to look up for the allies and it’s only the end of episode 15.

  47. I watched it on my phone before I went in to the record score and CHEERED when he called out Phuck Schumer BY NAME on his hypocrisy. So refreshing to see a Republican do that on national tv! BAM!

  48. U. Al you are right,this aint over by a long shot,P.Trump spoke first they followed; he now knows what they are going to try to “sell” to the left and he can rebut that.
    I think he is now in a stronger position to make his case on Thursday.
    He was smart not to come out with a take it or leave it proposal.

  49. I counting on it Brad. This is his opportunity to keep us fully engaged, and show the libs to be the incompetent, self-serving traitors that they are. If he does declare a NatSecEmer on Thursday I hope he does so with the type of hard hitting presentation that includes video of speeches from libs describing the need for a wall as well as video/pictures of the fortresses that the open border fat cats live behind. Anything less is not enough.

  50. Have to quasi disagree with comments. We all know the Democrats will never cave to Trump on the wall or anything else for that matter.

    No, I lay the blame 💯 where it’s richly deserved… at the feet of Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the NeverTrump Rinos. They had all 3 branches FOR TWO SOLID YEARS and did absolutely nothing to help OUR agenda, in fact, they did everything in their power to block, hinder, lie, ill advise and make promises they never had any intention of keeping, until it was too late and they blew out of town leaving Trump holding the bag.

    Now it’s make or break time for Trump. He can’t back down lest he lose his base. His only option is to call for a National Emergency.
    Don’t listen to the “scholarly judicial talking heads” (yeah you Judge Nap), who say he doesn’t have the power, constitutional crisis, yadayada.

    @WillChamberlain, a brilliant young lawyer on Twitter has researched and cited the National Emergencies Act/subsequent statutes, and also addresses the unlikely scenario activist judges could even rule on a case based on lack of standing. Check out his pinned twitter.
    The only caveat is he believes Trump is being poorly advised (wrongly) by WH counsel that he doesn’t have the power, thus hampering him from lighting the fuse.

  51. commenting here is all well and good, but the chances are your representatives aren’t reading this….’


    then, maybe, they might notice……

  52. my prezzy tole ’em….

    all you fancy nancies live behind walls…..when you come out from your walls, you take your ARMED SECURITY with you…..

    yet you don’t think us ordinary deplorables need protection…..

    I am nancy pelosi, therefore I NEED PROTECTION….

    YOU are unimportant, so you don’t get any protection….

    this is socialism… will soon become communism, because that’s what socialism does…..

  53. Joe 6 I just sent this to WH what you said–advice from a comment I read tonight:
    If he does declare a NatSecEmer on Thursday I hope he does so with the type of hard hitting presentation that includes video of speeches from libs describing the need for a wall as well as video/pictures of the fortresses that the open border fat cats live behind. Anything less is not enough.

  54. I touched on this on an earlier thread. Bernie, Chancy, Kamala, Sandy, etc. canned response. In unison. He be lying. Wait wait wait. What did he lie about? Do you have data? We can’t let them get away with this shit. We need to demand proof. DJT states facts and figures. The socialist response is, I know you are, but what am I. We need to pin them down.

  55. Let’s face it, the USA’s “Check Engine” light has been on for a long time.
    The democrats want to ignore it until it’s too late.
    9/11 will fit proficiently into 2019 soon enough.

    I agree. And the people that voted for her. We need to defend the Republic. We are losing when people like this get elected. And we are not good at losing.

  57. Chuckles and Nance reminded me of Punch n Judy. Kept hoping they would hit each other with clubs.

  58. After the wall is built, or maybe before its even finished, the Antifas will likely attack it, and look just as crazy doing it as Don Quixote attacking a windmill with a lance.

    I’d love to see them try it and have our BP guys shoot the sons-a-bitches. Spilt blood along the border will be good for tumbleweed growth.

  59. Listened to every word the President said. I for one am so glad he is fighting for us.

    Turned tv off then and went about my business. Pelosi and Schumer are a waste of the air they breathe.

  60. Pres. Trump had to get on tv tonight and make the case for the wall in a short period of time. Most people only watch network news and hear how bombastic and mean he is. They never hear what he actually has to say. So he waits til 9 so all across the country people are home. He interrupts their night time television but only for 15 minutes.
    A little frustrating for us but a wise move concerning others.


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