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Pretty Little Blond Cheerleader Warned Bully Not To Touch Her

There’s something satisfying about videos where the supposed underdog turns the tables on a slobby bully.

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  1. To quote the onlookers….”Woooooo!”.
    Not to sound racist but I think some of these black kids are thinking they will get away with anything nowadays.
    Out of shape fat chick picking on a physically fit cheerleader. No contest.

  2. Tubby’s brood mare mama will be all up in the schoolhouse screaming about violation of the Beating Rights Act, which specifically forbids non-black victim retaliation, because of the disparate impact on a shocked, fat face.

  3. In case no one has noticed, certain elements of the population collude with others prior to commission of a crime to begin recording it for the purpose of getting Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or WorldStar hits.

    Why were they recording? Because of a conspiracy to engage in a hate crime for lulz and internet fame.

  4. Glad to see that there was video of the first (sucker) punch thrown. J. Peterson was right to call these maniacs “chimpanzees” because “they tear each other to pieces, that’s what chimps do..” I’m glad to see that girl stand her ground, but it’s hard to watch where our society is when a cheerleader (a school’s honored representative) gets into a fist fight with someone.

    signed: a former cheerleader mom

  5. @ Tony, they hold it the same as they hold their handgun, like it came in the box.
    Why do they all think we are afraid?
    The reason they all run in gangs is because, they are.

  6. Once the fight started the cheerleader’s fists were in constant motion, landing multiple hits. She did not stop until the tub broke off contact!

  7. loved every minute of this video

    hope the cheerleader files charges against the school and against the black girl
    however,the black girl probably has no family to speak of
    if she did,she would not want to start fights

    sad,but i enjoyed the heck out of this
    that little cheerleader was in shape
    the bully fat and big mouthed
    no contest

  8. This is for every every white person who has ever been dry-gulched or polar-beared and was unable to respond in kind. And there are thousands, despite the media’s best effort to hide the attacks. Kudos to Colin Flaherty for documenting and tallying the crimes and the coordinated media coverup.

  9. It has the look of a grievance mob revving themselves up until one member finally decides to take retribution and is given a lesson on self defense.

  10. It’s a shame todays males have to be shown how to stand up for themselves by the females.
    Poor girl will never get a prom date now, the wimps will be terrified of her.

    Does that fat black girl chug bacon grease for breakfast?

  11. “…violation of the Beating Rights Act”
    I laughed so hard I forgot what I was going to say.

    I think the guy’s comment at the end settled the fight. “She got her ass beat.” LOL.

  12. Cheerleading is a martial art. Notice the no-hesitation response to the sucker punch, and the continuation until the amply proportioned instigator gave up. That is Kung Fu, baby!

  13. That vet video is hilarious. But that was the same situation. A certain person was recording and instigating the thug to attack the vet.

    Then he wouldn’t let it go even after moved.

    Somebody call da amber lamps.

  14. Watch the cheerleader be suspended from the squad and be in as much trouble as Miss Tubbalardo. And there will be a protest because a white girl assaulted a poor black girl while she was multi-tasking between reading her bible and preparing for her SAT’s.

  15. Radio…that’s the problem; it’s almost certain that the punishment will be the same for both. The school makes no distinction between the perp and the victim acting in self defense. This actually creates and empowers bullies because the victims learn not to fight back because they will be suspended, too.

  16. Rut row. She will be joining Riley North (Jennifer Garner) in the racists circle very soon.
    Otherwise, Sweet. And I wasn’t offended at all. Despite that warning at the beginning of the video.

  17. Too bad the large girl will have her pals beat the snot out of Blondie later as she walks home and put her in the hospital. Its the way of the jungle we have cultured.

  18. That’s rac–

    …um, wait…okay, let’s see…black female victim, check…white assailant, check…but assailant is also female…and black woman clearly struck first…


    Look, I’m really conflicted here. I’ll have to ask someone at HQ how to blame this on white people and get back to you goose stepping haters.


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