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Pretty Odd Times

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  2. Not to mention politicians lecturing us on ethics.

    Oh, yeah, and journalism school dropouts lecturing us on biochemistry.

  3. El future del Mundo. Also, Kipling, the Gods of the Copybook Headings. Or, if you prefer, The Wrath of the Saxon.

  4. …The medi lecures us on what can me mediated.
    …The old white liberal women lecture us on what can be racist.
    …The college students lecture us on history.
    …The Grocer has no eggs.
    …The Electrician has no apprentice.
    …There is chaos in subway cars.
    …There is human excrement on our sidewalks.
    …There are masked people robbing indiscriminately.
    …Catch and release criminals.
    …The southern border is a Disney ride called “Zoomerang”.
    …They are going to place the best president in the last 35 years in custody.

  5. If I was 99% Trump before they perp walk him, I’m 150% Trump now:
    Two and a half years ago, I was part of a church where I was teaching a Sunday school class and leading an adult teaching class on Wednesdays in middle New Jersey. The pastor was my friend and everything was great.

    At one point in the middle of 2020, the pastor thought it good to mix it up and appoint a bunch of new people to lead adult leaderships. There were 3 of them and all were reassigned to new groups with new learders, and I welcomed the break.

    My new leaders were husband & wife, young, late 20’s with a child. Everything seemed great…until the wife let go that she was a Hillary voter, and a future Biden voter. I kept my mouth shut but many of the congregants could not and it became a problem. And then the couple leading the group called me one night. Let’s just say that call didn’t go well. I talked about abortion, borders, and many other things….

    ….And let’s just say because of his admittance that he had never voted because his vote would go against his wife’s vote, which pissed me off, and her democrat voting history I started using some salty language towards them.

    Then the couple ratted me out on my pastor. And the church elders held a meeting. And they said I had to do this and that otherwise I would be excommunicated from their church, and in a letter provided me with a path to get them back in their good graces.. So I wrote them back and said “F— You”, and I moved on to a new church, which has been great.

    Months later I called both the pastor and member and apologized for my language I had used, but not for the sentiment…They thought I wanted to go back to their church! I politely told them no way.

  6. We have allowed the murder of the innocents for nigh on 50 years.
    We have allowed our country to be invaded by rat-people.
    We have allowed our political offices to be infested by liars, thieves, pedophiles, perverts, grifters, and traitors.
    We have allowed Big Pharma to concoct a genocide.
    We have allowed imbeciles like Al Gore and Grete Thunberg to lecture us on the Globaloney Warming Hoax – and make huge profits, therefrom.
    We have allowed traitors like John Kerry to trot around the globe bad-mouthing America.
    We have allowed nazi stooges to become billionaires and infest our politics with hatred and contempt.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. In the absence of God and decency (which we exiled from our schools, gov’t, and churches), Satan and evil have encroached, until evil is the prominent philosophy of our world (including izlam, nihilistic totalitarianism, socialism, national socialism, &c.).

    If the world seem chaotic, confused, and bizarre – it’s because it is.

    “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. It only means something to you if you listen to them. I choose not to listen to them. I have my own set of values and beliefs, and I won’t stray from them. I don’t accept a lot of things, and those that deviate from common decency to faggotry tells me what kind of person they are. By their fruits ye shall know them. Those mentioned in the meme above are slaves to the flesh. Too bad those people haven’t read about what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s going to happen again.

  8. Fun facts to know and tell:
    This time in 1854 the Republican party was established in Ripon, Wisconsin.
    They are now contemplating changing the name to Ripoff, Wisconsin


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