Pretty Pose: Christine Blasey-Ford’s Body Language During Kavanaugh Hearing

Ever wonder what a body language expert would say about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony last week?
I’m not sure if B.S. is a technical term used in the profession, but this expert applied it to Blasey-Ford. Watch

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  1. Thanks! Nice to know that this old guy’s interpretation of what I immediately saw to be poorly done BS, informed by a lifetime of being surrounded by BS “artists” and also by a lifetime of observation and thinking has been validated by an expert.

  2. GREAT video and analysis…I could only stand to take about a 1/3 of it at a time (that voice!!!), but look forward to hearing the rest of the insights (and snark!).

    Sorta puts a foundation under all the suspicions a lot of folks here had watching it live.

  3. “…I could only stand to take about a 1/3 of it at a time…”

    I’m resting up for the second half. That voice pushes all the buttons: Valley Girl, Uptalk and Vocal Fry.

  4. Any democrat you run into who claims Blasey Ford was completely believable because she was so authentic should have to watch this video then defend their original statement.

    Forward the video to all your friends. Everyone needs to see a professional analysis of Blasey Ford’s performance.

  5. The irritating voice and contrived body language served to mask the lies and contradictions in her testimony. For example, one thing overlooked is when Ford was asked if anyone has contacted her regarding the party or her ride home; the answer was “no.” The people she named refuted her claims, and no one else has come forward to back her up even in minor details. (“Yes, Christine, I remember you at diving practice,” or “I am the one who gave you a ride home.”) But Ford was so cutesy that this (and most things) flew over the head of the MSM.

  6. “nails on a chalkboard” Best summation of that lying whore’s voice.

    I’ve raised the black flag. No quarter! If you are too dumb or too partisan to believe this bunt then may god have mercy on your soul because I won’t.

  7. The “little girl” act really grated on me. The baby voice was a joke. I have a female relative who does this and it drives me nuts, but I have to keep my cool because she has dementia. Just like this b*tch.

  8. The Democrat Senators have fouled our country so much using their all-or-nothing tactics that I want them beaten down to nothing.

    My hippocampus has been traumatized beyond retrieval !!

    Feinstein, Durbin, Coons et al, need to be thrown out of the Senate.
    Not voted out, thrown out on their ass and all the lifetime perks (privileges) lost.

  9. Her body language was saying “don’t you dare lay a harsh word on me you filthy old white dicks” I have that mean, ugly and repugnant DiFi ready to give you an STD if you do! Ha Ha!

  10. I know this is a generalization, but guys tend to have problems dealing with tears in a woman.

    I had a boss the went weak at the knees when confronted with a sad, crying female. One woman used it mercilessly; bringing on the water-works to get her way. She once did her thing, got what she wanted and turned from him to face me and grinned like the Cheshire cat.

    I couldn’t help it when, one day, he came up to me to ask a question just after I put eye drops in. I tuned to him and said, “You hurt my feelings”. The stricken look on his face made me regret it and I immediately told him that I was kidding and showed him the eye drops. We both had a good laugh.

  11. I question if the glasses she was wearing were prescription.
    Both through her use of them, and lack of noticeable influence when looked through by an observer, they appear to be optically neutral. She looked over them as if they were a nuisance. And she did not have them on, in any form, when photographed at her ‘polygraph,’ even though she is alleged to have referenced a written document. During her hearing, I can’t remember her removing the glasses- they were repositioned, but not removed. In the ‘poly’ pic, they are absent, not on her face or atop her head.

  12. Remember when she acted all confused and said she did not realize it had been offered to fly to her instead of she flying to DC?

    So it should have been news to her when at about 2:49 Grassley talks about having made the offer. She is either completely inattentive or knew about it already, because nothing in her expression reflects, “Oh really?”

    Added: Oh, I stopped the video to type this and when I started it the narrator says that. Maybe I better just listen. :/


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