Pretty Prime Minister of Canada: People who are cynical about institutions are ‘lazy’

Wow. She’s a feisty chick.

CFP: By now everyone in the English-speaking world knows Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending a week in India. As has been the case lately, Trudeau is being mocked around the world. Accompanying him on his tax-payer funded junket are his wife, this three children, six cabinet ministers and a slew of others.

Despite statements to the contrary, Trudeau is being snubbed by the government of India. When he and his entourage landed in Delhi, they were greeted by a junior minister of agriculture. The minister was all dressed up for the occasion, wearing what appears to be blue jeans and a windbreaker.

Trudeau and Sikh extremists

Other world leaders visiting India such as Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu were greeted at the airport by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Like many Canadians, Modi and his government are not impressed by Canada’s PM. This stems from accusations that some Sikh ministers in Canada’s cabinet are sympathetic to Sikh separatists who want to create a separate state of Khalistan. The Indian government is also critical of Trudeau not cracking down on Sikh separatists living in Canada. These separatists often use violence in an attempt to get their independent state and the bombing of Air India Flight 182 in 1985 that originated in Canada was carried out by Sikh extemists.

Trudeau of course denied his government is sympathetic to Sikh terrorism. But Modi was proved right to be concerned after it was discovered Jaspal Atwal was invited to a state dinner. Atwal was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister on Vancouver Island in 1986. The Sikh extremist was later “uninvited” but not before posing for a picture with the PM’s princess wife Sophie. (680 News, Feb. 21, 2018)

As a result of his apparent fondness for Sikh extremists the boy wonder had very little by way of official contact while in India. So he did what he does best; posed for selfies with his family in front of the Taj Mahal and other places. It seemed the family changed their traditional Indian dress every couple of hours or so. It sure looks like he and his family are having a great time on the beleaguered Canadian taxpayers’ dime.  KEEP READING

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