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Pretty Sure Every Woman in a Burqa Holds These Beliefs

A muslim woman talks about taking down planes and killing people and causing mayhem because that’s Allah’s will.

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  1. Yes, we have a muslim problem. They need to go. What other solution can there be?

    I posted a video in the bullpen “why i left islam”.

    Go Trump

  2. She hopes it will be put on social media if the ‘real’ news won’t put it out there. Doesn’t sound like they are too happy their message isn’t being delivered by our state controlled media outlets. And they thought editing out the Allah crap and taste Islamic State vengeance BS was doing them a favor.

  3. It’s women who truly propagate the culture. A child is closer to his/her mother for the most instructive period of their life, that is ages 1 through 4. The development of a child’s personality is pretty much determined before kindergarten and it’s the mom who sets it in stone.

    Muslim women are perhaps worse then the men. They brainwash their kids with jihad and martyrdom and hatred of Jews and westerners. And then ululate and wail like banshees when the kids splatter themselves all over the side of a bus.

    What a culture. Satan must laugh himself silly every time a Muslim woman pops out another C-4 selfie.

  4. The ‘reporter’ was a total whimp. I couldn’t listen to more than about 2 minutes of this. I would have taken my camera over to the policeman — who was smiling and waving at this jihadi — and played back the tape. And if he wouldn’t do anything about it, I would have then taken it to the head of the TSA at the AP, and if he wouldn’t do anything about it, I would have called the FBI and taken the tape to the head of the Port at the airport. Even if they don’t care, at least if someone bombs/shoots up the place they can’t say they weren’t warned, and I think that’s where we are with this stuff — people who are more worried about getting caught flat footed than people worried about mangled, dead bodies.

    Notice the muslim jihadi decided to put her face mask on because she was being filmed. Hag.

  5. When the bitch walked into the airport I was pissed as hell, then 2 hours later I was less pissed. I hope they feed her bacon in jail.

  6. @jclady — Thanks, I really enjoyed the ending.

    Cripes! She was still threatening the police, “We’ll see….my people…”

  7. She’s a black, latina, muslim, koran toting, Bible reader, Jesus pigeonholing, allah loving, America hating woman who has personal conversations with Trump, whom he hates her more than any other person on Earth and as a result the gays, lesbians and America go BOOM.

    In summary.

  8. when someone dies in jihad, they get to petition allah for 70 others of their friends & family to go to heaven rather than hell. According to mohammed, most people in hell are female. Hence, a mother may celebrate her child’s martyrdom realizing that in her belief system, her probability of not spending eternity in hell just increased dramatically because of her child’s death.

  9. I managed to watch the entire thing. Her general demeanor of pervasive hostility and defiance, coupled with her barely extant coherency (looping back on itself in a desperate attempt to resolve a point which was mostly F America), reminded me of customers I’d cut off while tending bar.

    I think a good old 40 year moratorium on immigration in general, and a vise-like grip on visas in particular is a splendid idea.
    We’re being slow-rolled, people.

  10. Dropping the level of commentary down to level even she can understand, the bitch is crazy & she’s gotta go.

  11. When she dies whut does she have to look forward to?
    Eternity with one stinking asshole after another that can’t tell the difference between a virgin and a goat!

  12. I don’t like this.

    At the same time, I understand pissed. She is pissed. Her bags are clear…. She is still pissed.

    Tony Vera, in a minor way, taunts her. She is pissed.

    She is also articulate, beautiful and has hands and arms graceful as hell. She is elegant pissed.

    Once, I almost got myself arrested in an airport, screaming about a TSA employee coughing all over my lipstick, ransacking my purse. “Tell me what you think you see and I will give it to you,” I screamed.

    Later, an off-duty pilot on the flight told me that I was lucky I was allowed to make the plane. I understand pissed.

    I don’t know what’s going on here. It is unlikely she will be brought to “our side.” …..Lady in Red

  13. My guess? She’s a nut job looking for attention. Probably from 116th Street & Malcolm X Blvd. NYC Went to LA to become a star.
    I don’t think red nail polish and burkas are a mix.

  14. @Lady
    She is not pissed, she is Muslim and full of HATE. Very different than you being inconvenienced at the airport which btw was because of ‘her’ people.
    F her!

  15. That’s a funny point, Moe Tom! ….smile…. Red nail polish and burkas don’t mix. I see. …..Lady in Red

  16. This “person” was so over the top, crazy, radical,made me want to bash her in the face pushy, b*tchy, that I first thought it was a stunt type video.

    No, not after experiencing the look I got from a young muzzie mother as I did something nice for her. I think I trust the muzzie men more than the women. A muzzie guy will just behead me, a muzzie woman would take delight at utilizing a slow drip of lye.

  17. LIR, I’m pissed. If she feels uncomfortable she shouldn’t be here. Fuck eligant. Eligants a dime a dozen. Did she or did she not threaten us with bombs? She would have been deported for that behavior not that long ago.

  18. Bad Brad…. The entire world is now moving in triple time.

    I have come to detest the BLM crowd as well as the Mussies.

    I am trying to pace myself: is there a baby I’m throwing out with the bathwater?

    I do not justify her threats. Merely, I admit I kinda understand ’em, as *I* have wanted to blow up the entire TSA idiots — and told them so.

    If we can find allies, shoulder to shoulder, to shoot with us — Muslim or BLM — if they are honest and true, I’ll take ’em.

    The worse it gets, the more careful we need to be. ..Lady in Red

  19. LRI,
    “Bad Brad…. The entire world is now moving in triple time.

    I have come to detest the BLM crowd as well as the Mussies.

    I am trying to pace myself: is there a baby I’m throwing out with the bathwater?”

    Interesting, and I don’t mean this in a bad way. My mind doesn’t
    work that way. There’s not many that Don’t hate my version of America any more. You can only stay on the defensive so long before survival depends on you going on the offensive. My last concern right now is the baby in the bath water. Odds are that babies going to grow up hating us.

  20. Nah, Bad Brad. ….smile…. Go to the gun range. Meditate. ….and shoot. Meditate some more. Shoot, some more.

    Join Oath Keepers. Stash dry goods and water. Believe in America.

    We will win. ….Lady in Red

  21. @LIR — This is a bit more threatening than you being upset with TSA. My bet is you never called for bombing the United States because TSA was intrusive.

  22. LIR,
    Meditation is for non decisive people. I can assure you I’ve never been accused of being non decisive. I’m not a Bull in a China Closet either. There’s a really good mid point when the shit gets real. And with the exception of the last three months I average at minimum 2,500 rounds a month.

  23. That’s a lot, Bad Brad, by my standard. At the same time, if you do it well — and you know this — there is a gentle breathing, focus, concentration, before every gentle trigger pull.

    I don’t wish to fight you, however. Be what you will.
    ….Lady in Red

    PS: You write like a Bull in a China Closet. I fancy a big mess.

  24. if this burka bitch that is so elegant and with graceful hands and arms, and great english too, is from another country, she is probably the daughter of some saudi prince somewhere.

  25. Doing my own bull in a china shop bit, why do I have no trouble imagining LIR screaming at TSA over lipstick in a handbag? Admittedly a lot of them are not of concierge-level attention, but there’s something about water meeting its own level in that anecdote.

    @ Charlie WalksonWater, she claimed as much in the vid.

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