Priebus Out as Chief of Staff

President Trump just announced on Twitter that Reince Priebus will no longer be the Chief of Staff of the White House.

Mr. Trump wrote, “I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. He is a Great American and a Great Leader. John has also done a spectacular job at Homeland Security. He has been a true star of my Administration. I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country. We accomplished a lot together and I am proud of him!”

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  1. Rancid Penis stunk up the place for six months, leaking like an incontinent bitch. Keep draining the sewer Mr. Trump. Fire them all.

  2. I wondered when Trump was goimg to give him the boot. I couldn’t think why Trump appointed him in the first place other than to see what other rino swamp creatures would be revealed.

  3. Look, he gave him a shot and repaid him for his service to the campaign. Priebus just ruined his own reputation. In the years to come — when honor and integrity are once again valued in the WH (and it will be) — people will cite Priebus as an example of how it used to be.

    I read yesterday (can’t remember where) that John Kelly was going to be chosen by Trump (even that was leaked!). Today on Long Island, Trump praised Kelly again for his work so far. Kelly is no fool. Trump is exactly right to choose an honest General who lives by a personal and professional code of honor.


  4. The RNC wonders why people stopped donating to them. Reince Priebus. Michael Steele. Ed Gillespie.

    What else do you need to know.

    Glad Trump booted him.

  5. Trump must be pretty steamed up to fire Priebus unceremonially on Twitter. That must have been some bubble map the Mooch put together.

  6. “I couldn’t think why Trump appointed him in the first place other than to see what other rino swamp creatures would be revealed.”

    Maybe he did it as a genuine attempt to get along with the GOP, hoping they could unite against the nation-killing Left. Now, Trump has learned that the GOP is also the Left, or at least feckless careerocrats who bend over for the Left and could not care less for Americans.

    May the night of Trump’s long knives commence and take as long as it needs to.

  7. AA, I’ve been trying to get a job as her “Wardrobe Safety Monitor”. If anything falls out I’ll be right there to help tuck it back in.

  8. BB, I hope you don’t share these thoughts with your better half. I’m starting to feel very dowdy and neglected these days as Geoff C. lights up whenever Melania is in the news. LOL!

  9. From day one, Reince was a square peg in a round hole. No matter what he, or they, did, it was not going to work. He had lived for too long in the swamp. He loved the Swamp, that is where all his “friends” were. He was a “double agent”.

  10. I commend our President for choosing to put the good citizens of America first and not get waylaid by personalities or personal loyalties or even public opinion or “optics.”

    Thank you, God, for President Trump.

  11. He will be on CNN before the weekend is over. I agree that PDJT put him in the spot to make nice with the GOP–yeah, that didn’t work. I am sure General Kelly will be stellar.

  12. @Bad_Brad, I went to a casino in the mid 1970’s. One of the ladies in a very low cut gown had a wardrobe malfunction. An employee came to her aid with a large spoon he used to scoop her back in the dress. IDK if there is a job title for that, Chief Boob Scooper, Breast Retrival and Rescue? Maybe you can research and get a night job. It was cold in there making me wonder if the spoon was warmed and where/how.

  13. Trump has tried to work with the GOP rinos, now don’t just cut them….DESTROY THEM !
    Making America Conservative Again !

  14. I’m surprised he lasted this long. One less leaker more to go. Trump says it’s no longer a swamp, it’s a cess pool.

  15. I wonder what kind of tattle tale Priebus will be when he makes the rounds this Sunday.

    “President Trump, then-candidate Trump told all of us to stay the hell out his Diet Coke supply on the airplane.”

  16. I predicted in January he would last 6 months. Trump gave him his chance, made the gesture, and now his time is up.

    Glad he’s gone. Another RINO Globalist.
    His departure means one less ally for Ryan, McConnell etc.
    Kelly will shake things up. The leaking will STOP and a lot of Reince’s staff picks will be astonished to find themselves on the street.

    Scaramucci may be a loud flash in the pan. Like Christie. Briefly useful, then gone.
    His New Yorker call looks like drunk dialing.
    Trump doesn’t suffer fools.

  17. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that Trump has had enough of the pussyfooting around and Ryan and McConnell will both be gone by Labor Day.

  18. With Reince gone who’s going to leak the daily establishment anti-Trump lies to the pundits and media?

    Did anyone notice how Paul Ryan repositioned himself to be pro-Trump on Wednesday when announcing the Foxconn plant in Wisconsin? I wasn’t sure if that was because the investment will do so much to bolster Ryan’s re-election or if it was because he NeverTrump-take-down-the-President cabal was being decapitated. Now I think it’s more the latter.

    One more observation – Jim Jordan – house Freedom Caucus founder has been making a lot of pro-Trump TV appearances. He’s being groomed for something big.

  19. AA – dont feel threatened, we’re just men. And all men are pigs.

    That being said…I’ll take one for the team and be Kimberly’s lingerie inspector.

  20. Pubic should never even been allowed in the white house. I hear he is worth 80 million$$ how is that possible? He is the swamp.

  21. .45-70

    Just so you know, my job responsibilities include lingerie and applying pasties. Something I excel at.

  22. the mooch, sessions and even Trump said they wanted the leaker prosecuted. I wonder if they can prove/confirm that he leaked?

  23. Looks like he was giving them enough rope so that they could hang themselves. If he had let them go earlier they could easily launch into another big gig. With their reputation in shambles at their own doing it will be harder for them to get in to the conservative circles.
    However, they’ll be welcomed open armed into the liberal businesses or colleges.
    Trump doing what he does best, revealing people for who they really are.

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