Prince Charles Snubs VP Pence

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  1. …and Mike Pence continues to live a happy and fulfilling life and this contemptuous piece of shit is still miserable.

  2. Charles probably had other stuff on his mind like fixing up
    the basement for when Harry moves back home after the divorce.

  3. For what it’s worth, I noticed in the video clip that Pence kept his hands folded when Charles approached him, which raises the question of who snubbed who.

  4. Who cares. Charles is likely the least liked royal in decades and the royal family itself has lost a lot of respect in the last few years. Unfortunately he’s next in line unless all the countries in the commonwealth vote to allow the queen to change the succession.

  5. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be snubbed by.
    Chuck’s a cuck and a worthless piece of shit – never done an honest day of work in his life.

    I don’t feel “snubbed” when rats and mice turn their backs on me.
    I don’t feel “snubbed” when cockroaches scatter at the light.
    (and I’m fairly certain that Vice President Pence doesn’t either)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. About as classy as his kid, Harry and the Half-Breed Princess.

    There’s a reason we told them to stuff it back in 1776.

  7. @Vietvet – yep – that guy’s tweet is misleading. I saw another pic yesterday of Pence and Charles having a friendly conversation. Although, I still think Charles is a retard.

  8. What Gladys said. Prince Charles and VP Pence met and talked before this picture. They were even smiling. I can’t stand the royalty (they’re just mascots) but this was not the entire story.

  9. Prince Puck ignored Karen Pence? If Prince Puck snubbed VP Pence then P.P. also snubbed her. Why are the feminists not all up in arms over his completely obvious sexism? How dare he treat a woman in this way!
    Or on the other hand, maybe they had already said their hellos and how do you dos, as larryw has pointed out in his post.

  10. So, which one of the royal hired help fathered the ginger Harry? Before he left, the queen should have had a dna test to make sure he can never claim he was stupid for leaving with the halfwit half white divorcee. The royal family tree only has one branch and the stupid gene is part of it, his uncle randy Andy proved he was part of the family by his association w/epstein, who didn’t kill himself.

  11. Princess Dianna Snubbed that big eared ugly panzie pretty good for a few years In some very expensive hotels so, F— Him!

    And as a Canuck, can you please take your kid and his spoiled princess back to f–k-n England because we do not wish to pay for their security.

  12. None of the royal spawn would be able to fill the queen’s tiny shoes or be willing to work as hard as she has, but Charles is a dangerous simpleton. He’s the royal equivalent of 0bama or Trudeau.

  13. What the media did not report is what Pence said to Prince Charlie just prior to the snub:


    (Nobody can snub like British Royalty)

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