Princeton caves to the mob, erases the name of Woodrow Wilson from its graduate school of public affairs

American Thinker:
By Thomas Lifson

Renaming fever has reached the upper division of the Ivy League as Princeton throws in the towel and renames a graduate school, while Yale begins to fear pressure to drop the name of slave trader Eli Yale from its global brand. Brian Pietsch reports in the New York Times:

Princeton University will remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from its public policy school and one of its residential colleges, the university’s president said on Saturday — a move that comes four years after it decided to keep the name over the objections of student protests.

The university’s board of trustees found that Wilson’s “racist thinking and policies make him an inappropriate namesake for a school or college whose scholars, students and alumni must stand firmly against racism in all its forms,” Princeton’s president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, said in a statement.

“Wilson’s racism was significant and consequential even by the standards of his own time,” Mr. Eisgruber said. Wilson was the university’s president from 1902 to 1910 before becoming the U.S. president in 1913.

Make no mistake: Woodrow Wilson was an open racist, a fact that endeared him to the Dixiecrat wing of the Democrats and therefore provided the margin of victory to make him their nominee and then President of the United States. He was such a racist that he re-segregated the Armed Forces, and in a move that has never gotten the attention it deserved, torpedoed a Japanese delegation’s effort to place a declaration of racial equality in the Versailles Peace Treaty, humiliating the nascent Japanese democracy movement, and empowering the racialists and militarists who eventually drove Japan into an expansionist military dictatorship. MORE

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  1. Wilson was a scoundrel. Had the GOP led Senate not failed to ratify Versailles we would have been in WWII from 1939 on. Though polling did not exist prior to WWI every poll on the war afterwards showed the majority of Americans didn’t think it was any of our business. Wilson got us in to satisfy his desire to be on the world stage and helped to make WWII inevitable.

  2. I really couldn’t care less. Woodrow Wilson was a monumental prick. Going after Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt though is total bullshit.

  3. Sauce, goose, gander.
    And The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences comes around once again to bite the DildoCrats on the ass.
    (see what I did there?)

  4. “…a school or college whose scholars, students and alumni must stand firmly against racism in all its forms,”

    …does that include anti-WHITE racism?

    Because this feels like anti-White racism…

  5. The most racist/segregationist individual to ever serve as President. To honor this man by having his name on any public building is a scandal and a disgrace.

    I have been saying/posting this for decades.

  6. And on another sour note the lousy SOB Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal majority 5-4 to strike down Louisiana’s anti abortion law this morning. I was afraid that was going to happen, Roberts is a bastard and a traitor to the US Constitution and the rule of law as it was written.

  7. The high priest of Progressive Socialism?
    Now ain’t that a slap in the head! With a fish! A live, spiky fish!

    Say it ain’t so! They’re not supposed to start eating each other until they’ve usurped all power unto themselves. I’m pretty sure that America still has some fight left in us.

    Mann describes Hell as humiliation and mockery – everybody pointing and laughing through their own humiliation and suffering. The proud cannot humble themselves before God – that is the source of their damnation – they damn themselves – the proud cannot abide laughter and humiliation directed towards themselves.
    Wilson was one of those.
    As are the Clintons and the Obolas, Pelosi and Schumer, Nadler and Schitt, Bush and Bolton …
    (at least that’s my take – all points of view are welcome)

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. As per the linked article, I am in favor of renaming “Yale” “Dummer”.
    Dummer University seems so appropriate.

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