Princeton Study Finds BLM Caused Over 90% Of All Riots This Summer

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A new study by Princeton University’s US Crisis Monitor shows that the U.S. experienced 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, and 91% of those riots were linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In other words, BLM was responsible for 9 out of 10 riots across the country. More

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  1. On Rush today I heard college age liberals believe it is QAnon and white supremacists – alt right that are the ones rioting and blaming poor BLM. Talk about disinformation and just sheer stupidity.

  2. For a quick end to the bullshit, declare ‘open season’ on rioters.

    Rioting and legal protesting are two very distinct differences.

  3. A question: Did they count the riot(s) in Portland and Seattle as “1” (Portland as “2”, because BurnLootMurder too a few days off recently), because Seattle’s 6 week-long rioting and Portlands 4 month-long rioting could count as just “1”. If they counted every day of rioting as a single instance, then Portland and Seattle have about 160 riots between the two cities, alone.

  4. Does anyone here know how to get vehicle ownership info from a license plate number?

    I’m doing a job for a client in a quiet little neighborhood on Magnolia this week. Magnolia is off the beaten path in Seattle because you don’t go through this peninsula enclave to get anywhere else in the city.

    Yesterday, I saw a BurnLootMurder GMC van drive up and down the very quiet street my client’s house is on. It was painted flat black with green neon spray paint “BLM” on the sides and back. I jotted down the plate number.

    While talking with the client about other bad changes in Seattle (she a Seattle native, living in the same house her parents built in 1947), I mentioned the van to her and asked if she’d seen it before or if it belong to anyone in the neighborhood. Nope.

    We’re keeping a close watch on strangers walking around our neighborhood to see if they are casing the place out, taking phone pics and what not.

    Should I call our precinct and let them know?

    BTW: This little enclave of Magnolia has more than its share of stupid virtue signalling signs, include those slick looking “Black Lives Matter” signs. Where are they getting these mass produced signs?

  5. Another wasted Ivy League endowed study.

    We ALL KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE…already.

    BTW…CancelWoodrowWilson. He started this shitfest.

  6. Abigail – document document document. Times seen, descriptions photos etc but do NOT let them see you doing so if at all possible. That might put you in jeopardy. Report to the coppers as a ‘suspicious’ vehicle, IOW it doesn’t ‘fit’ the neighborhood norms. Above all do not confront them in any way as they will use that to discredit you.

  7. Abigail, report this suspicious vehicle to the cops.

    It could be merely someone’s visitor, escaped from the city, but better to be safe than sorry.

  8. Thanks guys. That was my inclination, too, to let the police know. I hadn’t thought about the Feds. My concern is I don’t want to talk to local Seattle FBI because God knows who side they’re on, right? I’ll start with my precinct becaus I know a few “safe” guys there.

  9. Saw a LOTTA CBP* out here in Pittsburgh – & in a lotta other places, too. 🤨

    They may be under the Burn, Loot, Murder banner, but they’re whitey dupes (dopes) for the most part. 🙄

    *Cracka’s Be Protestin’!

  10. Princeton makes the startling discovery that President Trumps orange hue originated from a spray tan!
    Princeton is also shocked to find that The Orange Man is in fact NOT Bad.

  11. An update on the “BLM” Van:

    This van looked like a BurnLootMurder “support” vehicle, not just someone with extreme sympathies for their movement.

    I talked to a cop at our precinct this morning. He checked the plate number and said that it was from somewhere “far away” from Seattle, not a Magnolia resident. Also said he was glad I called and that he would make sure to do some driving around (Magnolia is his beat) just to up the police presence in and around the area I saw the van.

    It was clear from our conversation what he thinks of BurnLootMurder — no friendly banter or patting me on the head with words of “there, there, now.” He knows who they are.

    Thanks for the encouragement to say something. It does feel weird to be reporting something that, as a conservative and Constitutionalist, I otherwise would have simply shrugged off as anyone’s right to do — paint their cars whatever they want to and drive wherever they want. Not now. Not BurnLootMurder.

  12. Oh, so That’s why Princeton is being investigated by DOE for racism. Well, that and the fact they Said they were racist.

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