Pringles releasing Turducken-flavored chips for Thanksgiving

It’s part of what it’s calling the Friendsgiving Turducken Kit.

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  1. actual turducken is quite good. we’ve had it several times for Thanksgiving … although it is a bit expensive, running (this year at our local butcher shop) at $6.99 a pound w/ a 10 # minimum

    I seriously doubt that some potato chips would feel & taste the same on the palate … but, whatever trips your trigger

    btw, on the linked story page is a link about Jimma Carter is back in the hospital … these vampires never seem to die like the rest of us … best health care our taxpayer money can buy

  2. So isn’t Kelloggs the company promoting sexual perversion on its products? If their products are not needed, don’t buy them. It is almost impossible to avoid the perversion propaganda being done by so many companies.

    “The Thanksgiving chips go on sale on on Thursday at 9 a.m. PST.

    Would you try them?”

  3. You should never say, “Those taste like turds.”
    You should always say, “Those taste like turds smell.”
    Otherwise some jerk (it might be me) will ask you
    how you know what turds taste like.

  4. I WAS stationed at Clark Air Base. The chips to be had at the BX were Pringles. I won’t eat those nasty chips to this day. The Philliopino french fries were great.

  5. So, what’s wrong with eating turds?

    I mean, other than giving you bad breath?

    There’s always some smeared on the ends of guys’ dicks … well … at least on the dicks that I encounter …

  6. Turkeendkip in Dutch sounds more edible. Dindcanpou is French and it has poo. So no go with that. I am going with Spanish:
    Pavopatopollo. Pápapo in it’s truncated form.

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