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  1. By DESTROY I mean ignore, criticize, condemn, call out and have them earn respect. Have them realize that Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Brian Williams lied to us. Realize that what CNBC pulled on the Republican Debate is what they do.

  2. Sick beyond all belief… Born in ’54 I am in shock every time
    I read my blog sites. The commie maggots are winning.

  3. The chaff of distraction.
    The rules are posted right next to the Ho Chi Minh poster in Hillary’s basement, Jay Carney’s kitchen and the NBC news room –
    Keep the proletariat and the vacuous, dumbed-down, dumb-ass, barely aware, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, media-influenced, politically-correct, celebrity-obsessed, busted-ass, Kool-Aid drinking, uninformed government-dependent free shit-taking deadbeats distracted from our Communist intentions!

  4. And it is by no means exaggeration to say that the pResident would openly reveal that he stands by the IDIOT over the US veteran, because he and the idiot are both:
    1 black
    2 NBA lovers
    3 consume illicit drugs
    4 have sex with ____
    5 have sex with ____ while on illicit drugs
    6 are famous for who the Media has made them, NOT because of any worthy accomplishments
    7 are ‘reality stars’ = in reality no one can stomach their company
    8 black

  5. have sex with _____*
    *means it does not matter to either narcissist who or what else is involved—– picture the cartoon of the turtle and the helmet

  6. People don’t want to think too much. Just be entertained. Alone with their own thoughts they become confused – the world isn’t exactly as they want it to be or as they were told it *should* be. Why can’t ISIS just play with their X-Box? The politicians are gonna take care of us, aren’t they? Don’t the Constitution say that? Retirement’s WAY far in the future and I gotz socialist security, don’t I? Bernie’s gonna give me all the shit I need for FREE!

    I like FREE shit!

    EVERYBODY should get free shit!

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