Prison Reform, Gladiator Style

Daily Mail UK

Prison guards in California have been accused of orchestrating ‘gladiator fights’ between inmates by knowingly releasing rival prisoners into the yard at the same time.

Relatives of inmates at California State Prison in Corcoran have been protesting for weeks outside the facility, against what they say is inhumane practice by guards who ‘like to see bloodshed’. More

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  1. Shut up you pommy bastards. Fix your own prison system before you start trash talking ours.

    Once that’s done, try placing some blame on the GANG MEMBERS who are doin’ the actual fighting.

  2. NPCL – the National Prison Combat League
    San Quintan vs Levinworth, etc
    Prisons could stay funded through merchandise sales and tickets. I’m all in, Offer Team events and Solo matches. I’m leaning toward something like the Armored Combat League

  3. Must be those evil privately run prisons. State prisons would never allow that to happen
    Ps. How did you miss the story about Keto crotch on the same page?

  4. These accusations about the California prison system have been around at least 20 years. I guess nobody ever “fixed” the problem?

  5. “Prison TV”. MMA and no cage.
    Since they paid no attention to
    the law; let them learn all about “lawless” as it applies to them.


    Non-sympathy for the criminals is not the issue here. No one is demanding that they get pampered with pedicures every day.

    The issue is when no one is looking, the government abuses people, let’s them get injured or die, to their amusement.

    This is not how we expect our government to behave. We have courts, lawyers, judges, and juries deciding punishment, not police and prison officials.

    Make political hay be throwing punches at how ineffective and abusive government is, it’s an ally oop here, don’t take your eye off of it in an attempt to bash career criminals.

  7. The “Gladiator” bit has been alleged by…prisoners! Surprise! It sounds to me like two rival Mexican gangs are beating each other up in the exercise yard. Tell me why i should care.


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