Pro-Bike Canadian Environmentalist Writes Mea Culpa For Promoting City Biking

The main points by this guy:

-bikes cause more traffic, which equals more pollution.

-bike lanes are underused for the amount of real estate they’re taking up.

-businesses are dying because no one can park in front of stores.

-no one is going to abandon their car for a bike, most bikers are former public transportation users, which is lost revenue.

-bikes are dangerous for pedestrians, mainly because they don’t adhere to the rules of the road.

The one point he makes that I kind of enjoy is that bikers are getting sick because of the pollution. They breathe deeper and more rapidly while surrounded by lots of exhaust. So, the smug greenie is getting black lung.

Financial Post-

Today the bicycle is a mixed bag, usually with more negatives than positives. In many cities, bike lanes now consume more road space than they free up, they add to pollution as well as reducing it, they hurt neighbourhoods and business districts alike, and they have become a drain on the public purse. The bicycle today — or rather the infrastructure that now supports it — exemplifies “inappropriate technology,” a good idea gone wrong through unsustainable, willy-nilly top-down planning.

London, where former mayor Boris Johnston began a “cycling revolution,” shows where the road to ruin can lead. Although criticism of biking remains largely taboo among the city’s elite, a bike backlash is underway, with many blaming the city’s worsening congestion on the proliferation of bike lanes.


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22 Comments on Pro-Bike Canadian Environmentalist Writes Mea Culpa For Promoting City Biking

  1. All Cyclists are Liberal pieces of shit. Here’s my justification for that statement. And I’ll be as fair as I can. I’m a weight lifter. And lot’s of other people exercise or train in different manners. Yoga, MMA ((fags), Cross Fit (bigger fags), etc, etc. If you speak to one of those cyclist ass holes, there’s only one form of exercise, peddling your ass. Just sayen that’s a liberal frame of mind.

  2. bike lanes aren’t for the bikers. you need to look deeper. the progs don’t like YOU and they don’t like that YOU can drive a car. the bike lanes are an easy way to piss off the middle class.

    if you think I’m wrong look around it isn’t just bike lanes. the progs make you sort your garbage or risk prison time and the sh!t ends up in a landfill anyway just you ended up paying a lot more for it. it is all part of Agenda 21 by the UN and if you want the condensed version go to the end of the book. depopulation massive depopulation. in the meantime they are going to poke their fingers in your eyes when ever they want.

  3. Uber and Lyft are huge sources of increased congestion and pollution. These folks are parking and driving around popular venues waiting for people to call them. Next time you are at a venue where taxi’s are queued up look around and see all the Uber drivers waiting and driving clogging the streets.

    Another secondary result nobody talks about.

  4. Bicyclists and joggers in a city environment are something I’ll never understand. Bicyclists compete for road space with cars and trucks, has to be a losing proposition. Joggers are running thru town breathing deeply the exhaust and fumes of the city, that’s got to be good for you. People are frickin nuts, and when you put a bunch of them in a small area they are more nuts.

  5. the car exhaust is bad but the road dust that is constantly stirred up does more damage to your lungs.

    I have nothing against bikes. they should follow the same rules (which is the law anyhow) as cars. personally I would not ride a bike on many roads because it is too dangerous. and if it is for fitness than a secluded less travelled road is better.

    just like the high volume lanes another way to screw the car driver. the goal is to frustrate you. they think that they can get you to take a bus. f@#@%ing progs

  6. Downtown Toronto, which is supposedly a ‘world-class’ City, is an absolute disaster because of all the new bike lanes. Have to say their plan worked, though. I avoid going downtown in my car like the plague.

  7. In my hometown their are 3 busy main thoroughfares that are parallel to one another and all 3 of these streets have bike lanes that NOBODY uses. It makes no sense. The streets are all going the same direction couldn’t they just designate one of these streets as the route for the nonexistent bike riders?

  8. Cyclists are a major pain the ass.

    “bikes are dangerous for pedestrians, mainly because they don’t adhere to the rules of the road.” <– This is perhaps the biggest reason why I hate bicyclists, though add to this sentence that they are dangerous to cars as well. I always say people on bikes can't decide whether they want to be a car or a bike because they dodge in and out of traffic according to what's convenient for them.

    When pretending to be a car they slow down traffic and no one wants to go near them because they know that guy is looking for a payday. They shouldn't have the rights/access of a car because they can't perform the way a car does (speed) or provide as much of a barrier to injury as a car can in the event of an accident. They slip on ice (what we have a giant portion of the year) and can cause an accident by getting in the way of a car (and the vast majority of our passenger vehicle there are SUVs – the *vast* majority. Can't agree with jellybean enough: bikes and machinas DO NOT mix.

    When they decide to go back to being a bike rider, they shoot past bushes at corners and blow off pedestrian crosswalk signs, going whenever they feel like it and too often without looking.

    Bicyclists are fond of spewing their stupid sound bites, acting as if only people driving cars are inconsiderate on the road. They are smug and manipulative and I'm damn tired of them.

  9. Cyclists are the Cheap son’s of bitches, they’re the Friend who Conveniently forgets their Wallet. Well how’d you drive here with no license ? ” I rode my Bike, no ones getting My Money ” !

  10. Here in vagina, the “cyclists” were legislated 3 ft on all sides…effectively giving them the same space to take up as a 65 Buick. And they bitch about how they should not be taxed…yada yada.
    I’ve been a licensed motorcycle “enthusiast” for 45 yrs, nobody ever legislated me shit. Fuck them.

  11. I’m sure this will piss someone off. I can’t stand seeing grown men in shorts. But grown men in shorts riding a bicycle. WTF dude.

  12. That’s the thing. Pajama soy boys ride bikes. How many women do you see riding a bike? Go ahead, count them as you run over them. You won’t see any. When they take off their safety beanies they all look like Bill Nye. Seeing bicyclists on the roads is the only time a loaded car will act on its own. Never knew cars had it in them.

  13. When the weather’s nice I try to do ten miles a day biking around my neighborhood. I’ve got a two mile route that keeps me off busy secondary streets, and, since i work at home, I can do it at mid-day when there’s pretty much no traffic. Between this and the bowflex I’m slowly getting back into some semblance of “shape”.

    Bike lanes would work fine on some streets around here, the busier secondary streets have no parking on the sides now, so no loss to business etc. If the city had done this up front instead of making big tree/bush filled center medians it would have been great.

  14. I have come close to taking out a couple of bikers who zip up in the little space on my right side, while i’m in the right turn lane with my signal on. I will have to try harder.


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