Pro-Democracy Movement Slowly Spreads from Hong Kong to Macau


China’s nightmare scenario is that Hong Kong’s huge protest movement could spread to other cities – especially Macau, which is only an hour away and also has semi-autonomous “Special Administrative Region” status.

Macau has never been as restless, but there are signs the pro-democracy movement is spreading slowly among its youth, inspired by the dramatic events in Hong Kong.

“While Macau’s youth are not as politically engaged as their counterparts in Hong Kong, a small but increasingly vocal group of youngsters are seeing the protests as a stage to express their grievances and fight for a common cause,” the South China Morning Postreported on Friday.

Macau students told the SCMP they are growing bolder about speaking out as the Hong Kong saga continues, sensing their own government will take a lighter touch with them because it fears touching off anything like the mass protests rocking the other Special Administrative Region. Some of Macau’s youth work in Hong Kong or make frequent visits there, giving them first-hand exposure to the protest movement and an opportunity to participate in demonstrations.

On the other hand, young activists told the SCMP that Macau residents who do not personally visit Hong Kong tend to support its government and police, in part because their access to information is tightly controlled, especially for the large portion of the population that speaks only Chinese and cannot access the more robust Portuguese- and English-language media in their city. Macau politics are shaped by the large number of people who work directly for the city government, which provides generous welfare benefits financed by the thriving casino industry. read more

5 Comments on Pro-Democracy Movement Slowly Spreads from Hong Kong to Macau

  1. “But last I heard, there were a BILLION screaming Chinamen!”

    Throws whisky in fire

    “There WERE…” 😲

    (Red Dawn, 1984)

  2. This could irritate the Chinese leaders and make them change their mild mannered and moderate approach to the Hong Kong demonstrations.

  3. Mongolia is probably heading in that same tyrannical direction. Corruption and an economic downturn is all you need for a government to start strangling it’s people and seizing foreign investment.

    Last year, their government temporarily put the brakes on seizing a mine that was being worked under a JV between the government and Rio Tinto. They only stopped because they thought foreign suckers might look poorly on them acting like the tyrants you know they are.

    But they will eventually.


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