Pro-West, Muslim pop star rips TV host a new one

shams bandar
Muslim singing sensation Shams Bandar is a 35-year old Saudi singer who is becoming famous, but not for the reasons she was hoping. Bandar recently sat down for an interview with an Egyptian TV program where she clashed with the host about what the root problems of the Muslim world really were.
– [Video at Eagle Rising]

4 Comments on Pro-West, Muslim pop star rips TV host a new one

  1. I noticed she had to throw out “I disagree with their policies” but doubled down on ‘we, the Arabs, have been slaughtering each other for 1,400 years and how pathetic are we to blame the current slaughter on America which has been around for less than 300 years.’

    When you pro rate for the time the USA has been a global power it’s only been the last 70 years. She had better cancle any and all gigs where Hamad types could be in the same building.

  2. Well, I like her name and her desire for freedom, but that girl is trolling for a fatwa.

    That couch she’s sitting on — that’s the kind of Tuck ‘N Roll upholstery I had in my 65 Chevy. ‘Cept mine wasn’t stuffed with camel shit.

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