Proactive Distancing – The Special Counsel Operation


With the Clinesmith criminal information at the forefront, a reminder about the Special Counsel motives.  Again, it is important to remember the special counsel had the agenda and responsibility to carry on the resistance operation…. that was their sole function.

As a result, this is just a short article on a singular footnote within the Weissmann/Mueller Report that looks completely different in hindsight.

Kevin Clinesmith was the lead FBI lawyer during the counterintelligence operation called Crossfire Hurricane; origination date July 31st 2016. When Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel (May ’17) he took over the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, adding additional DOJ lawyers to staff but retaining the FBI team which included Peter Strzok and Kevin Clinesmith.

When Kevin Clinesmith manipulated the CIA email to gain the third renewal for the Carter Page FISA (June 29, 2017) he was working on behalf of the Mueller investigation.

Clinesmith was removed from the special counsel team in February 2018 after his biased texts were identified by the inspector general. Clinesmith resigned in/around September 2019 “after the inspector general’s team interviewed him.” (link) Not coincidentally that Sept ’19 exit timeline aligns with the first notification to FISC Judge Coller. (link)

Obviously, special counsel Robert Mueller would know the issues regarding Clinesmith prior to removing him in February 2018; and well in advance of his report published in March 2019. more

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  1. Is it wrong of me to want to see all these treasonous bastards put into a big cage and burned alive with flame throwers, live on TV?

  2. Hambone; That’s too easy on them!! There must be something slower. Live TV 24/7 sounds great though.

  3. YAAAAWN !!!

    Meanwhile, that awful woman was given another $200 for passing GO instead of going directly to jail.

  4. This is the political version of baseball stats. Vitally important to a very few.

    Many speak of “real soon now…”, but staring us all in the face is that right now justice is broken and has been for a very long time.

    Yes, these people committed crimes and should be punished. But they probably won’t. Not by the legal system as it exists in DC today. The investigations ARE the point of all of this. Because the people doing the investigations are process oriented people. Like most government employees. They are not results oriented, like most private sector below upper management level.

    Nobody in DC will be served if all these cases are tried in a fair manner. Quite the contrary, a whole shitload of people have a vested interest in making sure that NEVER happens. And right now those people are steering all of these events.

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