Procedural vote scheduled for NEXT week! – IOTW Report

Procedural vote scheduled for NEXT week!

 President Trump has RESURRECTED the presumed dead GOP Obamacare repeal and replace bill using the power of the bully pulpit.

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  1. cato has hit the nail right on the head. Both houses of Congress are devoid of even a smidgen of leadership.

  2. And I’m supposed to think Senate Republicans won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Sorry. No sale. I’m not kicking that football, Lucy.

  3. Government solving and problem government created!
    Ask a Vet how their care is. Let it burn.
    I cant believe anyone trusts the Republicans on this. Trump yes, but
    what’s hidden in this bill scares me.

  4. Step 1: Force repeal vote.
    Step 2: Identify traitors from forced repeal vote.
    Step 3: Start Trump against traitors removal rallies.
    Step 4: Promote Conservatives to replace ‘moderates’ (LIBERALS)
    Step 5: Continue to reject the welfare statists at every opportunity.
    Step 6: Fire ALL Obama holdovers in the bureaucracy.
    Step 7: Repeat tactics as required to achieve success.

  5. 1) tsunami has it right.
    2) WHY the F force a vote on “Repeal and Replace”?!? Repeal ONLY!!!

  6. Furthermore, it’s NOT a “Repeal and Replace.”
    REPEAL requires 60 votes.
    It’s a “Massage and Modify” bill, if you want to be honest about it.

  7. The RINOs need to give back the money they received as campaign contributions and do what is right for America or else.

    Conservatives should do like the left and demonizing donors like big labor and and the CoC. Both stopped caring about the middle class long ago.

    Kill Obamacare by defunding. When the whole monstrocity collaspes make it plain who built it. Go after all the politicians involved.

    We stopped the democrats though elections. The republicans now have all branches. It is high time to start thinking of the primaries in 2018,2020, & 2022 and clean house on the republican side and get good candidates to defeat the democract in the general.

  8. Grool,

    Step 4 can be achieved if it is made clear that ALL politicians AND supporting bureaucrats MUST participate in anything they create for us – NO EXCEPTIONS.

  9. Repeal, not replace is what he ran his campaign on, and repeal, not replace, is what we want.
    Change the laws to allow medical facilities and insurance companies to engage in fair competition and get the fucking bureaucrats out of my health care.

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