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Prof accuses conservative students of being funded by Russia

Campus Reform: A biology professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake told a conservative student group on campus that they are “probably receiving Russian funding.”

Video footage obtained by Campus Reform shows the professor, identified by students as Dr. Michael LaMontagne, confronting representatives of the local chapter of Turning Point USA and accusing them of receiving funds from the Russian government.

“You are probably receiving Russian funding,” the professor told the students. When he was informed that the chapter is a non-profit organization and does not receive financial support from Moscow, the professor continued to question the goals of the group.

“You are non-profit, but who is profiting from this?” he said. “I am educating you that this group here is advocating against the very institution that it’s existing in—public education, higher education, federal funding for research—is advocating against national [organizations] like NASA…”

One student then interjected that the group also supports gun rights, to which the professor remarked, “at least you have the balls to show what you stand for.”  more here

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  1. I think the majority of Americans that hear “Russia” roll their eyes. When the 2018 election results roll in they’ll realize the “Russia” fad is over and was an epic fail.

  2. In the prof’s foolish world view, “Russia” means “a cabal that stands for everything I hate.” The Russian oligarchs in reality are “a cabal that is out for every advantage they can acquire for themselves.” Those oligarchs stand to lose a lot if Trump and Trump-supporting conservatives undo the existing world trade structure and they, along with all the other international globalists, are doing what they can to support conservative/nationalist enemies.

    Short version: that prof is a moron with zero understanding of the world he exists in.

  3. “I am educating you …”

    Oh, really?

    You educate yourself. PERIOD. Others may show you some signposts, but the work is yours, and yours, alone.

    “There is no Royal Road.”
    (Aristotle to Alexander III of Macedon)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I would have corrected him. We are funded by Cuba and sometimes by China but never Russia.

  5. Orwell’s 1984 should have ended with Winston discovering that Big Brother and Big Brother’s supposed arch enemy Emmanuel Goldstein are the same person. Big Brother is the enemy Emmanuel Goldstein.

    That professor IS an authoritarian statist.

  6. This so-called educator has that darned spell-checker in his head directing him to say ” I am educating you”, instead of “I am indoctrinating you”, which is what he meant, and is doing.

  7. The Dummycrat twist away from loving Russia is really strange. This is the very same Democrat party that was once sued by the American Communist Party for plagiarizing thier mission statement.
    Ted Kennedy once flew to Russia begging them to help stop Ronald Reagan. Obama had a registered communist in his administration. Hillary paid the Russians hard cash for the FAKE Trump dossier. We are in Bizarro Land now.

  8. Ideologues NEVER let facts ruin a good offense. The jerk knows he’s lying or he’s an idiot. Turning Point is funded by Russia? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAA!! Oh, STOP! You’re killin’ me!

    I wish those students would have just laughed in his face.

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