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Professor Confronts Merkel Over Immigration Policy – Faced With Dire Consequences

Merkel responds that she is ensuring that Germans have a good future. The idiots in the room erupt in applause.

The professor is now faced with possible ruination.

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YouTube- A Professor has interrupted German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the opening ceremony of a new Fraunhofer Institute for Microsystems and now fears for his teaching position. He said he is scared about the future of his 2, 4 and 9 year old children and that Merkel is conducting an experiment whose outcome nobody can predict. He urged her to be responsible and reasonable as she is a physicist herself.

Merkel shrugged him off and said she is already doing the best she can for the future of Germany. This may be because she has no personal investment in the future, no children, no relatives and has recently been spotted in South America hunting for real estate where she can spend her retirement.

Merkel is facing heavy critique for letting in millions of young Muslim men of whom only a fraction are genuine refugees. Despite the majority in her own party disagreeing with her “no upper limit”-policy, she insists on putting absolutely no boundaries on immigration. Her newest programs include advertising for immigrants in Africa and making “social experiments of assimilation” in rural areas where locals are highly outnumbered. She does not recognize the existence of a German people and in her latest New Year’s speech she claimed that anybody around the world can claim he is a true German, even if he has never been to Germany before. Germans who claim “being German” for themselves are hateful, so she says.

In January immigration has increased 20-fold compared to last year as the men who arrived are now calling their friends and telling them how easy it was to enter Germany.

At current immigration levels, German men between the age of 20 and 35 will be a minority within 5 years. And it’s precisely for this reason that the professor is rightfully scared about the future.

Here’s Merkel reacting to being handed the German flag-

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  1. It’s bad enough Merkel has brought in 1-to-2% of the entire population (80 million) in terrorists.

    Germany, unlike America,
    does NOT have a vehicle
    like TRUMP
    to stop these f*ckers.
    Thank God WE still have COURAGE.

    Too many of the Germans with whom
    the Czarina and I speak say there is
    NO ONE in a position of power
    to resist the “replacement” (think “Pod People”).
    Their collectivism breeds – if not cowardice – passivity.
    And THAT folks, is how you get Nazis.

    God save Germany/Gott schutze Deutschland.
    God. Bless. America.

  2. yes, they need their trump types

    i think trump’s attitude toward the proven-to-be weak anti-trumps is that it’s a simple case of mind over matter

    i don’t mind, and you don’t matter, fu, next

  3. Professor, she knows damned well what the outcome will be! She doesn’t care; she will be living with her fellow countrymen in Brazil or wherever else Germans have flocked to down there. I heard plenty of German being spoken in Brazil…

  4. Merkel shows the same respect to the German flag as Killary and Musselle show towards Old Glory. Disdain. Phuckin’ cunts.

  5. I look at these European nations like German, Sweden, France, etc, all hell bent it seems to self destruct with the abolishment of their cultures, surrendered to incoming “refugees”. It’s almost like the elitists of the world are creating their own version of Atlas Shrugged…

  6. Letting them immigrate is like kicking over a fire ant’s nest. Germany, and “EU-rabia” as a whole are toast. GB and Scandinavia running a close second and ISIS is currently looking to retake Al-Andalus, currently known as Spain.

  7. The fact that Germany hasn’t done away with her (impeached or recalled) is testament to the depths to which Germany has fallen.

  8. The good professor has much to worry about. His kids have much to worry about as well, but at least they will be able to say “My Dad said something about it and he was right!”

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