“Professor” demands reparations for gays

How much are they planning to give and who wants to room with me for a couple of years?

What a moron.

NY Times-

The Trump administration has also displayed a keen hostility toward the gay community. Early on, all references to L.G.B.T. people were erased from government websites, including the 2017 apology issued by Secretary of State John Kerry for “decades of prejudice” toward gay and lesbians at the State Department. This month, the Trump administration rejected requests to fly the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, at American embassies during the month of June, a practice begun by the Obama administration as a sign of America’s support for L.G.B.T. rights.

Despite these daunting obstacles, gay reparation is a struggle worth pursuing. Although it remains a relatively new phenomenon, it has so far shown itself to be a useful tool for restoring dignity for those victimized by discriminatory policies and for allowing countries to close long and painful chapters of homosexual repression. At the same time, gay reparation can serve to familiarize and sensitize the public about the injustices of the past, especially a new generation of L.G.B.T. people in the West who have mainly known freedom in their lifetimes.


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31 Comments on “Professor” demands reparations for gays

  1. A queer’s idea of freedom is to be able to do “soixante-neuf” in the middle of Times Square without being arrested for it.

  2. I might be more sympathetic to their perceived plight if they weren’t child predator faggots, sissies and ninnys.
    Take your sob story down the street cap’n homo.
    I don’t care. Fixed the AIDS death penalty for ya. Whaddayawantnowforfucksakes? I’m done with you people.

  3. Free Aids and STD’s aren’t enough?

    Let’s let the muslims take care of this when they take over!!!!

  4. Just leave us normal people alone. We’re not going to decorate your cakes or celebrate your sham weddings.

    And you are not authorized to define the language. Gay means happy. Obviously you are not happy people. You are vile and vindictive vipers. So you aren’t gay at all. You are mean, darkhearted cocksuckers.

    Sorry. You’re pushing too hard on me. OoooAhhhh

  5. Permission granted to go about your miserable life. Leave us out of it. Your situation is between you and God.

  6. “Reparations”. From what? Now who here has ever had a faggot as a slave? Or any of their ancestors had faggots as slaves? ………………………………………………..
    Didn’t think so.

    Now, if you want to go after the REAL perpetrators of injustice to homosexuals, go over to the Middle East and talk to the muzzies. Go ahead……we’ll wait for you back here……….. wait for your body parts to be shipped home in small, individual boxes.

  7. Sorry. I’m feeling particularly cranky tonight. Ive had enough of the perpetual whining from the usual suspects.

  8. Funny thing about gays: they traditionally have done very well financially..

    I, on the other hand am an Irish Catholic. When do I get to cash in?

  9. 1 Homosexuals contaminated the blood supply.
    2 Homosexuals practically wiped out Hemophiliacs.
    3 Homosexuals made Heterosexuals’ sex life needlessly frightening because no one could state the truth that was a gay disease.
    4 Taxpayers had their money allocated to disease that was both preventable and really was never a threat to the vast majority.
    Your not worth it.

  10. You nailed it Kermit. Grrrrr.

    And they name their collective shameful gatherings ‘Pride’ parades. If it weren’t so disgusting it would be laughable. There is a reason these people are called queer.

  11. Waitasec…

    Reparations would be for descendants of gays, no?

    I think that one of my ancestors might have been gay or lesbian, oppressed because he or she was closeted in a heterosexual marriage his or her whole life.

    I want my reparations.

  12. I’ve read that some queers want to get AIDS. They’re called “bug-chasers”.

    I have no sympathy for anyone who got the AIDS bug after 1983, when news came out about it being spread by the queers.

  13. Let’s discuss how much would be owed for all the “decades of prejudice”, less the expense (ongoing) for HIV/AIDS study and treatment (still no cure), divided over the afflicted population. If it seems likely to exceed the (increased) cost of postage to send the checks.

  14. Why is their preferred method of friction anyone else’s business? I’ve never “oppressed” them, I just want them to leave me – and every other straight person – alone. Do your own thing, I couldn’t care less. And THAT’S what pisses them off the most – people don’t give a shit about their “specialness” so they must FORCE you to care.

  15. Still laughing about Johnny Mathis the “African Queen”
    never heard that one before and not being a listener to him I didn’t realize he was in that club. It makes sense though. Ha

  16. Is there anyone out there creating a bill for reparation damages for Elderly, Christian, White, Straight, conservative males who have been bashed for decades now?

  17. They can reparate me, for having to listen to their whiny bullshit, and view their stupid commercials. 😡


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