Professor Ford: Be careful what you wish for


American Thinker/ Ed Timperlake: I’ve been through the process of Senate advise and consent confirmation, including an FBI background investigation, and must warn Professor Christine Blasey to be careful what she wishes for:

A woman who has accused President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault decades ago wants her allegations to be investigated by the FBI before she appears at a U.S. Senate hearing, her lawyers said on Tuesday.

As President Trump noted, Judge Kavanaugh has been through the FBI wringer six times:

“He is one of the great intellects and one of the finest people that anybody has known. You look at his references — I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” he said. “The FBI has I think gone through a process six times with him over the years where he went to higher and higher positions. He is somebody very special.”


Because Senator Feinstein waited until the very last minute to bring up this  serious charge, the FBI would be faced with what is called “raw” information in the FBI advise and consent vetting process.

I suspect Senator Feinstein wanted to trigger a full FBI field investigation on this “raw” information, which could then have tied up the process for some time, but she thankfully failed.  Professor Ford, Senator Feinstein and all associated with this had better understand the potential power of what they were and still are trying to bring down on themselves by calling in the FBI for an investigation.

If the FBI ends up engaged, then the awesome 21st century surveillance state technology can be employed. The ability to capture all electronic information can bring the disinfectant of sunshine to the issue.

Having been through the Senate’s advise and consent process in much kinder and gentler times, I learned a lot.  I was confirmed in 1989, but today’s FBI vetting has been updated with 21st Century technological advances that I previously identified and warned about.

In going through the FBI “full field,” I was assigned a Special Agent who was a first rate individual with a good sense of humor. He explained the process:  everything I put down on my “clearance form” would be gone over by their very capable “forensic auditors” and he would concurrently do my “field” investigation.

He quipped that he would first interview the five references that I put down and, expecting them to say good things about me, would ask at the end: “Now, who doesn’t like him?”  He then added: “We like ex-wives.” And so it went.  MORE




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Her parents would not believe her because she didn’t look as though someone had attacked her?  What parents will not believe their 15-year-old daughter who runs home to tell them drunken boys tried to rape her?

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  1. Are these the same FBI flatfoots that vetted Brennen, Clapper, etc., because if it is, I’m not impressed or reassured in any way.

  2. I think Dr. Ford is fading into the evening mists, even as I type.

    I wish I could snap my fingers and permanently covert extinct her, the lying bitch.

    Was she really so stupid she thought she could get away with this? ….and the other bitch who wrote on Facebook that she’d heard about the attack at the time and…. …although the good Doctor never told a soul, she said.

    When the MSM media went nuts trying to get to the lying corroborator, she deleted the post and went into hiding, re-thinking her lies.

    Gad! ….Lady in Red

  3. Its all horse shit and everyone knew it the second the media criminals said “bombshell”. As far as the article in AT, thats a laugh. The FBI wouldn’t do shit to expose this dirty whore.

  4. IF the DildoCrats succeed in getting the INTERstate FiBbIes to investigate an INTRAstate “sex crime” (snicker….really?), this will come to give them an alligator bite on the ass, the same way Dingy Whorehouse Harry Reid’s “Nuclear Option” is doing now.

  5. Yeah sure, lets have the agency led by corrupt establishment political hacks with no credibility conduct a thorough investigation.
    Hell, appoint comey as special counsel.

  6. Ford is trotted out the at the very last moment and refuses to testify. She is a liar, flat-out.

    She tried to bear false witness to destroy a good man and she will burn in Hell. Bye, bye!

  7. Where are all the parents of these supposed young rapist? You bet if it was going on at my home I would have sent for the police


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