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Professor Horrified to Learn Daughter likes George Washington, Tells her he was Racist

Professor Jennifer Harvey took to the New York Times yesterday to ask: “Are We Raising Racists?”

She begins her article by recounting how “dismayed” she was that her daughter admired George Washington. Her daughter was “singing the praises” of the first President, which surprised Dr. Harvey.

“I was dismayed,” she writes, “that the peace- and diversity-centered curriculum she gets at her public school had left her with such a one-dimensional view of history.” Her 7-year-old daughter, she felt, needed to know the whole story.

Eventually, her daughter asked her about news. Professor Harvey, after discussing ethics violations with her 7-year-old, said, “Well you know how you’ve been running around here celebrating George Washington? We always talk about George Washington fighting for freedom. But George Washington also owned black people as slaves.”

Dr. Harvey’s small child’s “intrigue turned to horror.”

Along with the conception of George Washington, Professor Harvey starts to wonder what affect society is having on children. And she pins the blame on “parents of white children.”

She explains, “We know the youngest children internalize racist perceptions of themselves and others… And let’s be frank, it’s parents of white children, like myself, who tend to rely on these sincere, but ineffective, strategies.”

Instead of teaching toddlers and small children to just “be nice to everyone,” we need to have them “recognize racial meanness and understand that white kids have a particular responsibility to challenge racism.”

“One-dimensional, generic teachings are tempting,” Dr. Harvey writes. “They feel easier and safer. That’s the only reason my daughter’s school would settle for partial truths about George Washington.

“But raising children who are resilient for justice and able to do their part to create an inclusive society takes more, especially now.”

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  1. Too bad the ideologues can’t seem to grasp the fact that the founding fathers were born into a world, not of their own making, with institutionalized slavery, and that many of them tried to lay the groundwork for its eventual abolition.

  2. Leave the country. If you have problems with the founding fathers then leave. No one has a gun to your head to stay hear. Move to another country that is more in line with your dreams. South Africa perhaps.

  3. So, the poor child went from an oversimplified positive view of Washington to an oversimplified negative view. The new syllogism is: Washington was a founder of the USA. Washington owned slaves. Slavery is bad. Therefore founding the USA was bad.

  4. God bless George Washington. God blessed us by giving us George Washington! He’s the A#1, top of the heap, all-time greatest president, bar none.

  5. Someone someplace has got to be keeping a list, it a’int Santa, these people are not nice or naughty.
    Pure evil is their game, Prog is their name.

  6. Washington simply participated in a business transaction. Africans had a product that they wanted to sell and other countries purchased that product from them!
    In this day and age, we have a governing entity which through the process of taxation enslaves all of us!

  7. The dear Professor is a white, self-hating lesbian. She’s actually an ordained Baptist minister which makes me wonder just how far Baptists have fallen over the years. She’s as associate Professor (not a full professor) teaching religious studies at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The one I feel sorry for is her kid that is getting indoctrinated by this hateful, racist woman. Have a look at the books she’s written and if you know someone with a kid at Drake you ought to send them a link to her page.

  8. Soon, people like this will lose their children to the state due the the abuse they inflict.

    I will relish the tears and gnashing of teeth.

  9. Those that hate the founding fathers are the same ones that think Obama can do no harm.
    That tells me all I need to know.

  10. Professor Harvey teaches at Drake University – from her biography on the Drake website:

    Jennifer Harvey is Professor of Religion at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. She received her Ph.D. in Christian Social Ethics from Union Theological Seminary. The courses Prof. Harvey teaches run the gamut in relation to her research interests. Broadly speaking, they focus on encounters of religion and ethics with race, gender, activism, politics, spirituality, justice, and any other aspect of social life in which religiosity decides to “show up.”

    Prof. Harvey’s most recent book Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation has led to her engagement as a speaker and workshop leader with faith communities and academic audiences around the nation. She is also the author of Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice through Reparations and Sovereignty (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) and a co-editor of Disrupting White Supremacy: White People on What We Need To Do (Pilgrim Press, 2004). Her recent publications include work on contemporary reparations movements in Protestant traditions, queer articulations of Christian traditions, and Native-Colonial dialogues on issues of environmental justice.

    In addition to her academic publications, Prof. Harvey is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, an author for the Feminist Studies in Religion blog and keeps her own blog formations. living at the intersections of self, social, spirit.”

    The above – from her biography – explains a lot

  11. Instead of teaching toddlers and small children to just “be nice to everyone,” we need to have them “recognize racial meanness……”

    Children learn racism from racists. My parents taught me to recognize them; Guess what, I recognize YOU,RACIST.

  12. I’m shocked that a half-wit could have such a one-dimensional view of history.
    Both Washington & Jefferson were from Virginia, where it was illegal to free a slave (though they both wanted to). Also forgotten to history is the difference between a slave and a serf. The serfs were part of the estate, you would no more sell or free a serf than you sell an acre of the estate. I’m not justifying the practice, just explaining it. Also, GW provided for the serfs in his will, not only ensuring they were provided for but also ensured that they were educated, not a common practice back then since educating someone amounted to help them be self-sufficient and independent and able to make it in the world on their own. But, what do I know. I’m not a professor nor do I pretend to be one for a college salary.

  13. The worst part of slavery was not sending all the blacks back to Africa when we were done with them.

    I suppose it’s not too late.

  14. George and all them founding father guys were just living their White Privilege and everyone owned a few Colored folks-even a few well to do blacks owned colored so they could strut around and say-look at me.. Who cares what happened way back when–it was the time and temperament of the culture. You own pets?? why are you enslaving the freedom of animals? Muslims own women to treat as slaves why don’t you complain about them– Libeala make my head hurt. 🙁 🙂 🙂

  15. @Tricky Dick
    If that is female she is trying damned hard to be a dude.
    Three children? Poor kids are destined to be really f’d in the head.

  16. Probably also did not allow her young daughter to believe in Santa Clause either. Can’t have any old white men as heroes.

  17. During his lifetime Washington stopped selling slaves on order to avoid breaking up famiilies. In his will he freed them. The “professor” needs to educate herself.

  18. “One-dimensional, generic teachings are tempting,” Dr. Harvey writes. “They feel easier and safer.”
    Unless those one dimensional teachings are mine, then bravo for “truthiness”

  19. Little does Jennifer Harvey realize that future progressives will purge her name from history for her horrifyingly gendered moniker and monstrously racist decision to have a white child.

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