Professor Lectures Ohio U Students about “Recovering from Whiteness”

Christa Preston Agiro, an associate professor at Wright State University, spoke to Ohio University this month in a speech titled, “Recovering from Overwhelming Whiteness: Learning and Unlearning Rules about Race.”

The point of her talk was to discuss “the many times during her life where she unfortunately benefitted [sic] from white privilege.”

Dr. Agiro, who earned her doctorate in cultural studies from Ohio University, said that during her childhood, she only heard “the white side of the story.”

However, when she attended Ohio University, her eyes were opened by Professor Najee Muhammad. “He was both an agent and a witness of transition for me. One where I began to ask questions and seek things I haven’t seen before and began a forever journey in my re-education,” she explained.

As a professor, Dr. Agiro says that she is trying to use her white privilege to help people of color, whom she says have been marginalized.

“We live in a world that legitimizes the white voice,” Professor Agiro said. “We can’t isolate those who we think are getting it wrong. We have to welcome new allies because we can learn from anybody.”

IOTW Report was the first national news site to report on the speech.

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  2. “Learning and Unlearning Rules about Race.” WHAT!?! Whatever happened to “content of their character and not the color of their skin”?

    Thought experiment: take some paper made circa 1930’s, get a fountain pen with an ink recipe circa 1930’s, translate that phrase into German and scribble it down with your vintage paper & ink and mix it in with NAZI writings and ask yourself “how could you tell which was NAZI thinking and which was a product of the post modern Left?”

    Answer the left are the new NAZI’s and that is not hyperbole. Test that statement by going to the next level: substitute “white lives” with “the Jew” an notice how the sentence still works.

  3. This is off topic, but Herbie the Misfit Elf Who Wants to be a Dentist (from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer) IS Donald J. Trump!!!!!

  4. We are surrounded by these idiots. If only, as General “Chesty” Puller declared, “we can now shoot in every direction.” What a pity.

  5. …we can learn from anybody.

    No, you can’t, dummy. You can only learn from people who know more than you do. In your case, though, that probably seems like anybody.

  6. I’ll be happy to help her in her recovery from whiteness, just as soon as I locate my spare can of Shinola.

  7. A conservative poli sci prof of mine (back in the stone ages of the 1970s) was absolutely correct when he said that as we grew older we would see that the “masses are asses!”
    Professor Lambert, you still rock!

  8. It’s the perfect course for melanin-deprived self-identifying blacks like Talcum X.

    @geeknerd: Remember, Bumbles bounce.

  9. Perhaps I could speak on “overcoming the desire to expose manipulation, political correctness, and bullsh_t in academics or not” as a function of my tolerance and forbearance to my inner child and it’s equilibrium when expressing my fear of being rejected and/or not tolerated.

    Or not. Yet philosophically I reiterate the great folk hero Forrest Gump when I restate: “Stupid is as stupid does!”

    In other words the work of people like this professor are worthless, utterly and uselessly worthless and detract from our knowledge and not add to it. Anyone who helped to fund her education wasted money.

  10. I guess she doesn’t know that “re-education” is a euphemism for brainwashing, which started with Professor Najee Muhammad at Ohio U. (Or perhaps it is a cry for help, as she desperately tries to escape the cult?)

    Critical Theory has infected every area of Social Science, dominating the agenda and curriculum in many, and is working its way into the hard sciences.

    One big problem is that it is sooo easy to get a PhD in Critical Theory, even from formerly reputable institutions. Some dissertations are nothing more than diaries filled with confessions of white privilege, condemnations of pervasive micro-aggressions, and/or celebrations of perversion.

    Critical Theory PhDs have become as numerous as MSWs. Because of this, every faculty position that opens will have dozens of eager brainwas…oops, re-educators, applying. Once hired, they then position themselves into dreary management positions, which give them leverage in curriculum development and hiring committees. Within five or ten years, they take over the department, then the college, then the university. The same process is taking place on the Student Services side.

    One major aspect of ObamaCare was the Federal takeover of Student Loans. It gave the Obama administration a yuge club to swing at both public and private institutions to force them to accept their social reconstruction. Any repeal of ObamaCare should also include a repeal of that rider.

  11. She says “…when she attended Ohio University, her eyes were opened by Professor Najee Muhammad.”

    Wonder what other parts of her he may have opened.


  12. Oooooh and she’s an associate prof at Wright State University. Now there’s an outstanding credential right there! (Sarc/off)

  13. It takes a special kind of stupid to willingly commit cultural (or racial) suicide. Professor Agiro, you who are about to die, are saluted.

  14. Let’s see now a foreign creep leaves his dark majority country to come to a white majority country and preaches white privilege to a stupid white bimbo and she swims in his asinine idiocy! When are we going to stop taking these filthy third world jackasses into this country?

  15. I got over my whiteness … shoveled it, swept it, and drove the 4×4 through all levels of whiteness. I helped another by pulling them out of their white experience and I feel much better now.

  16. The interests of capital are getting rid of all the “white privilige”, all the good things we created for ourselves when we developed our “first world” nations. Mass immigration achieves everything on the capitalist agenda. The pro mass immigration elites want to convince us that what we need is “more economic growth” to create jobs. Creating more jobs only means more immigrants. Faster population growth fueled by mass immigration creates extra costs for national, state and local governments that we must then pay for by raising taxes, selling assets, cutting services and getting further into debt.

  17. It’s TIME ~ TO ~ WAKE ~ UP ~ AMERICA! Do you KNOW which tribe is BEHIND ‘Political Correctness’? You’d better find out, soon!
    Hint: It’s the so-called “Jews”.

    1) Kent Clizbe – Willing Accomplices: How [COMMUNIST/RED/”JEW”] KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America


    3) Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

    4) The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for European Genocide

    Remember, George Soros is a Rothschild-agent, as well as a Hungarian “Jew”.

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