Professor – Shut up in class, you’re a white male!!

Email from a liberal professor, telling (student) to talk less in class because they’re white and conservative – smyttiej

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  1. So, this idiot professor doesn’t want to infringe on others’ right to participate in the classroom discussion so he shuts down THIS student’s right to participate in the classroom discussion to enable them to do so. Wow.

  2. You can bring a horse minority to water college but you can’t make him drink think.

  3. So if the White Guy Can’t answer Questions, and nobody else can figure out the Answer…Does it go Un Answered ? When I was in school Black guys did’nt want to be Called on or answer anything, alot of them Learned most of what they did from Listening to White Guys speak ! They were’nt reading the books, that much I know !

  4. Is it “dominant culture groups” or possibly just those pitifully few students who learn enough about the subject to actually participate in its discussion in class?
    They need to keep stocks and a pile of rotten fruit handy at institutes of higher learning these days.

  5. Oh, I’ve never seen a loud mouth 400lb black lady yell across campus to her girl, “HAAAAAYYYYYYYYY GGGUUUURRRRRRLL!!” followed up with more yelling across campus with a bunch of unintelligible words as their “brothers” join in. Shuttering my very own peaceful thoughts and causing “dominate culture groups” to go into temporary hiding.

    Nope. That never happens.

  6. Without knowing who this was written to and by whom, it would be very easy to see this reversed.

    The only problem with that would be the victim class (those who have no interest in learning and just want to yammer in order oppress their “oppressors” ) would not be able to understand a word of that note.

  7. For really exciting classroom fireworks, suggest that there IS a dominant culture because its members possess qualitative and quantitative advantages in cognitive ability.

  8. Whites all across the country need to start suing these worthless affirmative action hires. I’m sick of this PC horse shit and seeing young kids coming out of college so fucked up they can’t tie their own shoes.

  9. If he has a problem with white males (you know people who may be better educated and know what they’re talking about), I demand that he turn in all of his tech, appliances, cars, house, quit college and generally quit appropriating white male culture.


  10. I liked the part about don’t say anything unless you’re adding to what the previous idiot just said.

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