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Professor: “White Christians” Must Repent for Privilege by Paying Reparations to Blacks

Jennifer Harvey, a Professor of Religion at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, is calling on “white Christians” to repent for their forefathers’ sins and their current privilege by paying reparations.

Speaking at Drew Theological School, Dr. Harvey said that calling all races “equal” is “a morally incoherent paradigm” that cannot solve the racial injustices that are in the United States. Instead, white Christians need to “repent” by paying reparations to African Americans.

Dr Harvey
Dr. Harvey

“Reconciliation rests on the assumption that all of our differences can be similarly celebrated and embraced,” she explained. “I can come to better love and appreciate your blackness, your native-ness, your Latino-ness, and you need to come to better love my whiteness?

“It’s a morally incoherent paradigm. It doesn’t work.”

Racial identities in the United States are not equal and treating people equally will not fix the US’s problems, she continues: “Even when we add attention to white privilege- which we must- even when we talk about justice needing to be present for reconciliation to happen- which of course we should- at its core, the reconciliation paradigm presumes a kind of moral, spiritual, cultural parallel in our racial identities, and my friends, it’s just not so. And we’ve got to stop pretending it’s so, or we’ll keep having these same conversations over and over.”

Instead, Dr. Harvey suggests that white Christians need to repent by paying African Americans reparations for their ill-gotten money.

White Christians have profited from “white supremacy” in the United States and black people still face discrimination similar to that of the 1960s and before, according to Harvey. Therefore, the “reparations paradigm” is the logical next step.

“Right now the prophetic fire of movements like the Black Lives Matter movement, the work that Dreamers are doing, is creating spaces within which white Christians might make that new choice,” Harvey declared. “Repentance and repair is not easy work. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t flow into obvious, pragmatic solutions. It’s uncertain and difficult, but it is sacred work.”

In a separate speech given in June in Minnesota, Dr. Harvey further stated, “A reparations paradigm can help us identify more clearly, and utterly necessary pathways for responding to our actual racial situation; pathways far more productive, truth-full, and life-giving than any that reconciliation has been able to open up so far.”

Dr. Harvey is the author of Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice through Reparations and Sovereignty and a co-editor of Disrupting White Supremacy: White People on What We Need To Do.

iOTW was the first national news site to report on Dr. Harvey’s statements at Drew Theological School.

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  1. Wow! She really is as stupid as she looks. The scary part is she sees nothing wrong with this proposal.

    So should the offspring of black and Arab slave traders pay reparations too? Are ya listenin Kenya Barry?

  2. I found an error in that article. You meant to type Harvey Jennifer under the picture of that hot mess of a moron.

    Drake U sucks for employing this, person, as anything more than a janitor.

  3. So Dr. Harvey will be writing a VERY generous check for…how much was that again, Dr. Harvey? …Dr. Harvey? Hello…?


  4. I have to thank Fur for posting Ben Shapiro’s visit to Missouri. In my heart of hearts, I always knew the best and most effective response to the charge of racism is to just say “Ah nuts!”, but Ben provided a way more articulate response — “bullsh*t … and you are an a-hole racist for saying that!”

    Really, I’m only half-kidding. There were a few more words preceding his declaration and they were: “Show me your evidence of that.” You can’t argue racism if you are unwilling to engage in a real debate of the evidence. And this woman has no evidence. She is just another “feeler”. And the biggest outrage to any of it is that she has a high-paying job with cushy benefits and a fat pension AND she is no better than a Nazi propagandist.

  5. Why do titles of these fucking books always take paragraphs? Whiteness and Morality,Bla,blabla,bla,bla,bla.. Bla,bla,blaaaaaa.
    A total waste of trees.

  6. Write a check Jennifer. Write a check to NAACP or whomever, post it, and post that it was cashed. I want to know how much you think your share is, and I want to know that you will pay it. Now.

  7. Since you’re white (you did ask), never.
    So you better shack up with a brothah/sistah or else your offspring will be expected to pay forever as well.

    My ancestors were white slaves for 400 yrs under the Ottomans and didn’t come to this continent until the 1900s.
    And all I got was this BS ‘debt’ I supposedly to owe.

  8. The idiot does not understand that reparations are a non-stater and illegal under federal law. However, I am sure that most taxpayers would be more than willing to foot half the bill for repatriation with the receiving African nations footing the other half!

  9. Paying millions of low IQ Nubians “reparations” would result in a couple things

    1) in less then a year millions of low IQ Nubians wouldn’t have 2 nickels left
    2) the hair weave and Air Jordon segments of our capitalist system would have undergone tremendous growth

    and of course
    3) demands for more “reparations” would ensue

    and most certainly
    4) millions of producers would simply stop paying federal income tax

  10. Dr. Harvey said that calling all races “equal” is “a morally incoherent paradigm”….

    The prescient but muchly dead white guy, Mr. Goldwater for you Doc Harvey –

    “Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.”

    So true dat, Barry.

  11. Yeah all they need is white people to grovel on their knees and pay them just for existing. Then everyone will get along great and there will be peace on earth and will all be drinkin that free bubble up and eatin that rainbow stew.
    Just like in Paris.

  12. My forefathers never owned slaves and most of them, possibly all of them, were here since colonial times. I don’t own them anything. No one does.

    Their offspring have the great advantage of being born in America, that is enough. But many blow the opportunity by continuing to have the attitude of a slave. They blame their troubles on someone else, perhaps true when they had an overseer, who held them down but also took care of them. Too many of them still want someone to take care of them, they don’t want self responsibility and freedom.

    Most slaves in Africa were captured by black owned and operated slave trade companies, who did business with the Arab Muslims for hundreds of years before the Europeans landed at the seaport looking to establish trade. They left looking for gold, but all the Africans offered was black gold.

    Is the nutty professor demanding the descendent of King Tegesibu & King Alvare pay reparations? I think not.

  13. This country has paid enough reparations to blacks, and the truth is, the investment has been a total failure.

    Everything the segregationists predicted would happen has happened. The only thing they got wrong is that it took less time, and the decline of the country has been worse than they predicted.

  14. I pay reparations every time I’m waiting for one to cross an intersection. It shouldn’t take an entire light cycle to make it across one lane of traffic while wrangling with pants around the ankles.

  15. That would be emotionally satisfying but that’s not the protection money “reparations” being demanded.

    I say we line up all the white guilt phucktards at an organ donor hospital, sell their body parts to the Chinese, and give the money to majority-minority city mayors. I’m sure they would find a just and equitable way to distribute the funds.

    (really shouldn’t be necessary, but: /sarc)

  16. I don’t mind paying a little more for these people to get what they deserve.
    But I also don’t mind saving a little bit in the process:
    Oregon Trail Bullet Company is having a fall sale: 10% off internet orders of $70 or more. Sale ends Nov 22nd.

  17. First off, my people didn’t immigrate to America until 1868, so fuck the goddamned nig … uhh … we never owned any African-Americans – thus, I owe them nothing.

    Secondly, America has paid $20 Trillion in “reparations” since 1964, so fuck the goddamned nig … uh … white America owes African-Americans nothing – the debt’s been paid – over and over again.

  18. Here’s another way to look at it:

    When Rome pays the English reparations for enslaving them, and the English pay the Scots for their slave-like service, and I get my cut from that, I’ll pass on a part of it to whatever African-American the gov’t can name who was wronged by me, personally and individually.

    Otherwise, fuck off, eat shit, and die.

  19. Wait justa’ cotton pickin’ minuet. The Arabs who sold them and the black Africans who captured then sold them should be at the top of this equation.

    Oh yea, that’s gonna work.

  20. 18 Trillion in the hole says we’ve already paid those reparations. It’s not our fault they spent them all on luxury cars and drugs.

  21. A better question would be when is someone going to walk up to this fugly dyke and smack the living shit out of her? Sick to death of their holier than thou attitude of white guilt. It’s simply not my problem she believed every bit of propaganda her lying bullshit spitting teachers gave her.

  22. My grandmother picked cotton in Mississippi, and she never asked anybody to give her anything she didn’t work hard for. It is on her behalf that I suggest you take a razor and open your veins. Aside from a brain transplant, that is the only way to cure your kind of personal problem, Harvey.

  23. David Carroll, a black conservative has a great bunch of videos on why black people behave the way they do on his YouTube channel and he clearly stated that the bottom line on the Missouri protests was going to be BLM demanding reparations, seems like the useful idiots are already starting to lay the ground work…..

  24. HAHAHAHA. An emotionally retarded attention whore! That’s a new one!
    I’m glad these people are showing their ridiculous faces. Now we know who they are and can treat them accordingly.
    Thanks, 0bama! LOL

    PS. She needs to run herself through a car wash.

  25. they can have their ‘reparations’ from us. I invite them to come and get it, we’ll dispense it ballistically.

  26. A question that is NEVER answered when the subject of ” reparations” comes up: when would the reparations payments be DONE? How many MORE generations of yet unborn blacks will demand reparations continue to be paid to them??

  27. Remember the old joke?

    “Give me a suitcase full of junk jewelry and the address of that nig … uhh … reparation-laden African-American.”

  28. Just another unmade bed with a degree in something. Hey Jennifer check out “The Irish Slave Trade” — The forgotten “white” Slaves. Check out how King James 11,Charles 1, and Oliver Cromwell treated the Irish.
    Then you can Pog Mo Theoin, and STFU, you ignoranus!

  29. No Christian should be taking advice from a sexually confused , psychotic reprobate. She should be under psychiatric care. Most theological institutions today are full of atheism and apostasy and nothing like their Godly origins. As for reparations, they are paid for by taxpayers forced to support government social programs over represented by black and hispanic clientele.

  30. How about the rest of the world be grateful we don’t exterminate them and we’ll return the gratitude by letting them live, in spite of how annoying and bothersome they are.

    Oh and they can’t live here. They can live in their Third World hellholes, not America. This ugly excuse for a White can join them.

  31. Excellent vid! That succinctly articulates the macro social issue, the massive rift between
    a society that is based on individualism and collectivism, where things are headed as individuals’ values and efforts to uphold are chumped out to those who refuse to pull themselves up by using one way empathy, never embracing, only taking, til all, except the super rich, end in abject poverty, by shaming and blaming the aforementioned individuals and their long-rooted values.

  32. My g g grandfather fought in the Civil War wearing the Blue so that we would end slavery. For me that is enough reparations to last my family forever. If there are those that want to pay or donate to whoever is identified as the “wronged” — let them do so voluntarily… and tell the rest of them that feel maligned — fend for thyself as those that landed here in the 1600’s did… no welfare then — no food stamps….

  33. “Professor” Harvey, According to a September 2014 article from the Heritage Foundation, “In his January 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.” In the 50 years since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs.” You can read the entire report here:

    We have paid far more in reparations than could ever have been predicted, and little to nothing has changed. Those who believe they are entitled will NEVER stop wanting more, and they will make up all kinds of excuses why they are entitled.

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