Professor who accurately predicted Trump’s 2016 win ups the ante ‘bigly’ for 2020

BPR: The professor who predicted President Donald Trump had an 87% chance of winning the 2016 election isn’t being persuaded by the liberal media naysayers reporting that the president’s reelection chances are in trouble.

In fact, Professor Helmut Norpoth is upping the ante in the 2020 election, saying Trump has a 91% chance of winning in November.

For those paying attention to the news cycle, in addition to a hard pivot by the media back to the perils of the Wuhan Flu and calls for another shutdown, there has been a steady diet of reports that Trump’s campaign is also ill — it’s almost like there’s some sort of “JournoList” that liberal reporters subscribe to or something. MORE HERE

17 Comments on Professor who accurately predicted Trump’s 2016 win ups the ante ‘bigly’ for 2020

  1. This is news, yet the Marx Stream Media would rather tell us about the tragic systemic racism in our national parks system.

    To me, this is very good to hear, but doesn’t quite fit into the “news” category as I’ve been quite confident for a long time that President Trump will win another term.

  2. This guy is too pessimistic, Trump has the same percentage of being re-elected as the chances of surviving the Covid farce – 99.4%, higher if you’re healthy.

  3. The level of explody shit going on out here in the country tonight, scientifically puts Trump at 99.8%. It’s not even dark yet.

  4. I have lived here since 2006. I haven’t experienced this level of splody shit.

    I reckon there are a bunch of angry people around me.

    Holy crap. It’s intensifying.

  5. We noted the same phenomenon tonight, lots of explody stuff in our little neighborhood. I don’t listen to the “experts” or read polls and my gut tells me Trump will be re-elected by a wide margin.

  6. I wish I had some splody shit to join in with, @PHenry. I actually have a fair amount loud stuff but it’s all in the form 9 mm, 5.56 mm, 12 gauge, and .30-06 and those are a bit too high volume for the neighbors and their dogs!

  7. A few firecrackers from the north. Automatic gunfire and big thumpers from the south. I will enjoy from the patio.

    I can’t see anything but it is a hell of a show. I wish you could be here.

  8. @uncle al. I will not be pulling out the lead to
    Make noise. That’s stupid

    But I will admit I was tempted.

  9. enjoying the show several neighbors & folks ‘over yonder’ are putting on here in ruralburbia

    … also enjoying a spectacular display on the National Mall from the tube …. they’re putting on a much better show than usual …. absolutely breathtaking
    do an internet search …. you won’t regret it

  10. A landslide victory for President Trump’s second term. The left never learns and will be vigilant in attempting to sabotage the November election. Expect power outages for precinct voting sites, absentee ballot fraud, dead voters in every state. However, there is no stopping the local, state, congressional red tsunami.

  11. btw, I am much too pessimistic to believe any prognosticator, pro or anti

    nothing counts except the nov. 3 count … & the Godless opposition is going to do everything in their power to win … legally or illegally

    get everyone you know … co-workers, friends, neighbors, family, strangers to get to the polls & vote! this election is urgent! it is the most important election in the past 50 years … it is the most important election in our country’s history

    … it will determine whether or not the only country in the history of the world that was founded on an idea is still worth fighting for

  12. Heck, I predicted a Trump win in ’16 — and giving him the same odds (100%) for ’20– and I’m not even a fancy pants professor.

  13. In an honest election this would be a no brainer. A comatose vegetable could accurately predict Trump stomping Biden in a landslide. The problem is this will be about as far from an HONEST election as one can imagine. The Left’s holy grail of “mail in voting” is going to allow their finely honed cheating machine to do exactly what they created it for….insure ALL of their candidates win handily REGARDLESS of the actual voting results. BET ON IT.

  14. I loves ya Abigail but I’m with molon.
    We can take nothing for granted. The left are desperate and they will pull anything out of their bag of tricks to steal
    this election.

    It’s time to kill these zombies.

  15. But, Jo= Bid=n is so far ahead in the polls, he should just have President Trump evicted and take over now.
    It’s in the bag.

  16. I saw an interview of Our Esteemed President with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN, who asked him about “bigly.” DJT told him clearly “big league.”

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