Profs Call to Censor Public Art by Removing NYC Statues of Christopher Columbus and Theodore Roosevelt

Breitbart: More than 100 artists and academics call on the city of New York to censor public art memorializing figures they dislike.

The petition sent to the Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments, and Markers cited the Big Apple’s professed “tolerance and equity” in justifying the censorship. The signatories include members of the faculty of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, as well as CUNY, Barnard, NYU, and other schools located in the city. The statues the group seeks to remove include ones of Christopher Columbus and Theodore Roosevelt.

The letter singles out a memorial of Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History as deserving of removal. The artists and academics describe it as “not simply a free-standing statue of the 26th President, but rather a grouping of figures: Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by subordinate figures on foot, one Black (African by appearance) and the other Indigenous (in a stereotypical Native American cast but with an especially inappropriate mix of headdress and clothing).”

This depiction, the petition’s signers claim, represents “Roosevelt’s views on racial hierarchy.”

Regarding Columbus, the group dismisses concerns by Italian-Americans and advances dubious charges of genocide against the explorer, maintaining that “the public claim of ‘ownership’ of Columbus by Italian-Americans cannot be allowed to override his key role in the historical genocide of Indigenous peoples of the Americas. By 1600, at least 50 million Indigenous people died in this hemisphere as a result of the Columbian encounter with Europeans, whether from war, disease or enslavement.”  read more

19 Comments on Profs Call to Censor Public Art by Removing NYC Statues of Christopher Columbus and Theodore Roosevelt

  1. How about statues of Woodrow Wilson and FDR? Two racists, how about it NY? Let’s just remove any statue that might offend anyone?

  2. A point of reference to how far things have sank.
    This morning at about 3:00 am I get blown out of bed with the mother of all calf cramps. Freaken limping on it today. So I flip on the TV and reruns of Friends are on. Now back in the 80’s I considered that male cast as about a feminine as gets. I use to make fun of them. Shit, they seemed manly this morning.

  3. Send those offensive statues to me. I’ll tuck them away on my homestead, in safety, until I get the all clear. Then
    they can resume their places.

    In the meantime I’ll enjoy them here. Same
    thing with the other statues. Robert E Lee and others on monument avenue. Charlottesville.

    Put them all here. They’ll be in good hands.

  4. Asking the commission to be intolerant and inequitable in the name of tolerance and equity is doublethink. Damn Orwell for getting that right: doublethink is the ability to hold in (what passes for) you mind two completely contradictory ideas and not see the contradiction.

  5. That inbred commie libtard Mitch Landreau
    the mayor of New Orleans removed a giant statue
    of Andrew Jackson our 7th prez and hero of the war
    of 1812 at the battle of New Orleans.That dent head
    treasonous puke would not make a scab on the backside
    of “OLD HICKORY”.He had to cater to a bunch of worthless taker welfare hood ratz that don’t pay any taxes…

  6. how about the Atlas statue in front of Rockefeller Center? … gotta have a male? …. sexism for sure!
    how about the Bull statue on Wall Street? … why not a Cow? … more sexism

    the absurdity goes on & on & on ….. ad infinitum

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  8. Wake the F up Lost Professors, if the Statue is very Old it’s probably part of our Collective American History now.
    If the Statue is of a Dictator or Evil person who Killed for no reason, take it Down ! Was that so Hard Libtards ???

  9. These whiners never gave any thought to these statues until now. If statues are removed, these whiners will still not be satisfied. The Left is never satisfied and will continue to look to tear things down.

  10. To paraphrase the late Roy Scheider, for opinionated professors there’s no toilet deep enough.


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