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Progressive Analysis of Data


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  1. I’m surprised by those stats. Houston can be a pretty rough town but compared to Chicago they look like Mayberry RFD.

  2. Here in H-Town, lots of us are licensed to carry concealed, and we do. There are very few “gun free zones”.

    Sprinkling concealed-carry citizens throughout the general population assures that thugs (i.e. Democratic voters) never know who is armed and who isn’t. So, since thugs are basically cowardly Pieces of Sh!t, they are not quite so bold as they are in Chiraq, where no one is armed except their partners in mayhem.

  3. “Cold weather causes murder”

    Liberal, Democrat, Social Justice Marxists are trying to cool off the planet by abusing the emotional distress of the ignorant caused by the faux climate change / EPA / United Nations agenda.

    Food doesn’t grow in cold weather, and without food, people will beg on their knees for someone to come save them at the expense of their freedoms.

    Although the “cold weather causes murder” statement was meant to be sarcastic, I think you may have stumbled onto something.

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