Progressive Method of Rat Control? Leave Them Be

A veterinary pathologist has her reasons for saying that cities should just leave the rats be. But I find it ironic that these same people won’t LET PEOPLE BE!

Rats thrive in urban areas where people live on top of one another. People who want to get out of urban areas and live in suburbs or, heaven forbid, rural areas, are the real “pests” for totalitarian progressives.

You want your rats? Great. We’ll deal with rabbits and deer. Just leave us alone.


No Blushes sent in the story and said they read “politician” every time the story mentioned a rat.

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  1. I was thinking maybe New York City would like some boar too….they welcome all kinds of pests apparently, and there are plenty to share with our animal living brethren.

  2. Exterminator: “Yep…You got islamaroaches…Best to burn the whole

    thing down…and then Nuke it from Outer Space…It’s the only way to

    be sure”

  3. They are Romans 1 material…worshiping both creation and creature over their Creator, knowledge of Whom they strive to suppress in unrighteousness. So it is only natural that they will put animals above humans (except themselves, which is why hypocrites will have their part in the Lake of Fire).

  4. They can’t “Just leave us alone.” They have to control our every breath or they will realize how insignificant they really are.

  5. The “Urban Progs” will need something to eat when the “Green New Deal” kicks in, in the shitholes known as New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Fransisco, etc.

  6. Sounds like the typical bureaucratic mentality. Never solve a problem, maintain it in order to keep job security.

  7. @Wambam

    NYC has plenty of insufferable bores already.
    They appear to predominately vote for Rats.

  8. 1 shot .177 cal. single pump
    Chinese pellet guns to every homeless
    person.You get a hot meal for every 10 rats you kill.
    As rats become scarce,you get a hot meal
    for every 3 you kill.I own one.39 bucks at the
    flea market.


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