Progressive Pete: Forward to the Industrial Revolution!

Patriot Retort

I keep saying that people who call themselves Progressive always seem to want to take us backwards.

In the name of “progress,” they have once again embraced the racial discrimination of the past.

In the name of “progress,” they are once again making the same argument about some races being incapable of intelligence and learning that was advanced by eighteenth century taxonomist Carl Linneaus.

In the name of “progress,” they have regressed to the point of believing that an angry Mother Earth punishes us with hurricanes and wildfires.

In the name of “progress,” they want to return to the time of Inquisition — treating anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the state-sanctioned religion of “science” as a heretic.

You would think someone who calls himself a Progressive wouldn’t be so bloody focused on sending us back to an earlier time.

Then again the Left has stripped words of meaning. When “anti-racists” are some of the biggest racists out there, and “infrastructure” no longer means roads, bridges and dams, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that “Progressive” no longer means making progress.

Despite what we were led to believe, Progressive doesn’t mean kicking the dust of the past off our shoes and stepping into a bright and better future.

It means going backwards.

Case in point, Progressive Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg:

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  1. He surely enjoyed the freedom of the government SUV that drove him to within 2 blocks of his press conference so he could hop out and jump on a bike to make a grand entrance.
    What a LIBTARD!!!

  2. Yes, in the name of progressivism, we are regressing. We can now actively promote discrimination based on race and the dominant liberal establishment mass media (Thank you Mike Rosen), as long as it is against a group that isn’t currently in vogue (white, heterosexual males). But at least we feel good about it, or it means we can get more money from the gubmint.

  3. The reason it’s called “Progressive” is because “Communist Shit-Hole” doesn’t sound as nice.

  4. He will not see the freedom of the rails. He will be forced into the nightmare of limo travel on the tax payer dime, butt damn it, he’s willing to suffer for thee.

  5. The little faggot with the earring and the makeup
    Yeah buddy, that’s his own hair
    That little faggot got his own jet airplane
    The little faggot, he’s a millionaire…

  6. During the Obama years the proposed Tampa to Orlando train was going to cost $75 per person each way.
    Fucking outrageous and cheaper to fly or drive.
    It made no fucking sense because you really need a car once you get to either destination.
    Governor Rick Scott shut O & his train minions down.
    Dems bitched & moaned about the loss of “free money.”
    It saved Florida taxpayers billions of dollars.

  7. Butthead is really a parody of himself. And putting this lamebrain in such a positin of power says wonders about Susan Rice and Anita Dunn (the REAL pair running the nation, not dumbass Joe and that dumbass ‘Ho).

  8. Well, he’s qualified to be Secretary of Transportation cuz he chauffeured a jeep in Afghanistan.
    Left the compound 118 times, or so, driving himself and some special “friends” to Afghani bath houses which advertised “dancing song boys.”
    Or so I’ve heard.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. And,

    In the name of “progress”, they have been, and Still are, destroying our statues, our history, and our culture because…we can now start all over again!

    “Those who control the past, controls the present” (and the future).

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