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  1. If conservatives are against it, they are for it. Or vice versa.

    Because conservatives are all hateful, judgement all, bigoted, racist, homophobic… It doesn’t matter what the definition of it, is.

  2. (I’m just guessing here, but I bet the progsplanation is)

    “Because TOOOOOOOLERANCE, you rightwing extremist racist bigot h8r! Now, SHUT UP!!!”

  3. Its a waste of time to try to use truth and logic on these inbred parasites. They hate you more then those that are actually killing their homosexual leftist cohorts. That says it all. Dont waste your time or breath. They have been programmed to hate you by tenacious, unwavering, deviant experts that have perfected their efforts. We can not undo what they have done over decades in a 5 minute conversation. Nor can you cure any mental illness so easily.

    Just remember when the time comes, that they are accomplices to Satan’s moslime soldiers and they are not Americans. They are merely leftists and tyrants. Punishment and revenge must be directed at them and it must be merciless.

    This is why the mother of the Australian girls that ran off to aid isis and got raped and had their heads chopped off called them “WHORES”. She is honest and she gets it, her own daughter deserved what she got, wow… And I applaud and agree with her. I am pleased they were killed and did not get TO KILL any INNOCENT beautiful young girls first. I do not have one once of sorrow for them. They were the enablers of the enemy. Old enough to get there and join up, old enough to pay for their sins.

    I respond to these ignorant scumbags only when I am trapped in their company. They call me names, cold hearted and mean. I tell them no, in fact, I am full and over flowing with love. Thats my problem. Thats why Im so passionate. I love my children, wife, family, neighbors and AMERICA so much that you leftists scumbags have made me this way.

    You leftist tyrants have taxed, exhausted, and eliminated any compassion and patience from me for your ignorance and arrogance and hate. I draw the line at forcing my familys physical safety into a state of constant jeopardy. When the time comes you will all be held to account and punished, you are the problem. Go fuck yourself, your time will come too.

  4. Lefties have an inexplicable self hatred and a confused view of contrition. I’m convinced that they believe they are doing good by allowing the 4th century dwellers to gain access to the 21st century, therefore allow themselves access the heaven that they don’t believe in.

  5. The single party military industrial complex profits will sky rocket when enemy combatants are brought to the homeland. The rights to the security of the white racist American public have been sold to the highest bidder.

  6. The radical Muslims hate America just like the leftists hate America. The Muslims are just the new pet n*****s they use as victims. The leftists are using Muslims to help destroy American hegemony and think that the Muslims will be happy once that is done. They are not thinking about the old adage about feeding crocodiles.

  7. A Progsplanation on how posting the names and addresses of legitimate US citizen gun owners was okay. In the Progressive mindset, it’s no big thing to have a NSA database on every American citizen, while having one on a potential Trojan horse delivery of terror cells is “Not Who We Are”.

  8. Since liberals hate God and lack a moral compass, they endorse all sorts of contradictory beliefs and causes.

    They just adore the murder of babies via abortion so they can have unfettered sex, they like promiscuity, they support the homosexuals in all their perversities so they if they can indulge in that if it sounds good, they like euthanasia and suicide assistance because they are cowards and don’t want anyone to burden them.

    Of course, every aspect of socialism (e.g. “free” health care and “free’ education, wealth redistribution, governmental handouts) is great because they are lazy and stupid.

    All of these are very selfish and centered on them and the BIG government as the vehicle for all of their dreams and desires to be realized without accountability.

    All with the false trappings of moral superiority because they care about fake causes like social justice, the environment, racism, and so on. They feel good about themselves, but they are awful inside.

  9. Which is why things like watching an image of a rebel flag sends them into insane status!
    It’s like “Freedom-say it isn’t so, SAY it isn’t SO!!!”

  10. “Intellectual Leftist”? Log, long ago I think I saw one of those galloping on a unicorn down the road to Utopia leaving a cloud of fairy dust in its wake. Then again… maybe it was a bad batch of LSD.

  11. The Lord God Almighty is stretching forth His mighty arm to smite the idolaters and blasphemers, the murderers of the innocents, and those who follow evil on Earth.

    Gonna get weirder.

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