Progtards Gonna Tard


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  1. I think Facebook is running some sort of algorithm to edit stories about terrorists hiding in plain sight with the refugees. All I am seeing is the “widows and orphans.” A few days ago it was a mix of both-not anymore.

  2. Well, if we eliminated the progtards from our midst the likelihood of a dangerous criminal having a gun diminishes exponentially. All we need now is to have enough fortitude to put a plan into action.

    The left keeps labeling us Nazis so perhaps just for a short time we could demonstrate our resourcefulness in dealing with the progtard problem. Just a thought.

  3. Why use automation when there is a whole world out there ready to pounce on common sense. Maybe FB has hired or authorized Politically Correct “adjusters” who are allowed to edit material? Wouldn’t that be special…
    After all, they are politically influenced.

  4. Has this progtard ever contacted you, Fur? One of these days, it’s going to get around to her that she’s the symbol of modern-day douchebaggery and she’s gonna be pi$$ed. I can’t wait!

  5. DC is an armed camp and the pols have absolutely no concerns about losing their lives or properties. Out in America, however, it’s a completely different situation. The cops are so busy beating up and murdering negroes (sarc) that they don’t have the resources to protect America. So you best look to yourself.

    Eternal vigilance. Clean, functional weapons.
    Plenty of ammo. Chitlins. Hog head.
    Pig blood, if you can get it.

  6. Bitterclinger,

    I would pay real money to see that stupid bitch raped in the ass by 10 black guys until she screams.

  7. Leftists are full of four things:
    1. Cognitive Dissonance.
    2. Dunning Kruger syndrome.
    3. Ignorance.
    4. Arrogance

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