Project Veritas announces major undercover exposé of CNN next week

American Thinker:

Project Veritas, the activist conservative group credited with taking down ACORN and dealing significant blows to other leftist groups, thanks to its undercover videos, is promising to release its next exposé and it looks like it will be a blockbuster. At the end of his speech to the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.on Oct. 12, James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’s founder, announced what “may be the biggest story Project Veritas has ever broke.” An insider at CNN has come forward, O’Keefe said, having covertly recorded videos for months that promise to reveal what CNN has really been doing to – essentially – spin and fake the news. The revelations are scheduled to see the light of day next week.

In an article at Project Veritas’s Web site posted the same day, O’Keefe goes into more detail: READ HERE

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  1. Whether these as yet unknown revelations will make any difference is questionable. What’s NOT questionable is my happy anticipation of hearing/seeing what they are and the entertaining squirming and spinning that will inevitably follow.

  2. In a related news story, CNN has announced that they will be filing a defamation lawsuit against Project Veritas.
    A Trump-appointed judge throws it out because, in legal terms, defamation must be with the intent to harm a reputation, but since it is CNN, there is no harm – they have already reached the bottom

  3. You need an undercover expose to realize that CNN has been spinning and faking the news?

    I thought all anyone needed was an IQ over 70

  4. Russian bot
    Did you get this from their operations Manual?

    Get ready for screams of “It’s highly edited video!” and “It’s all taken out of context!”.

  5. I’m safe, have been conditioned to fizzle go nowhere stores for years. I suppose hope might be out there somewheres but from my experiences hope can’t be counted on.

  6. The problem with lawsuits is discovery.
    The Left threatens lawsuits, even files them, but does not actually want anything going to trial. Same with impeachment.

    Love O’Keefe and all he has done since the ACORN days. He has had an enormous impact on the political landscape and has inspired others. And he does a great job of releasing videos in a specific order so they keep getting more damaging.

  7. Remember Andrew Breitbart made an announcement of intent to reveal incriminating evidence and got murdered before he was able to do it. Why make oneself a target before the truth is actually revealed? Body counts tend to keep going up.

  8. But did he get undercover video of Brian Stelter bleaching Don Lemon’s starfish?

    Asking for a gay friend…


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