Project Veritas: Gillum Staffer calls Florida a “f***ed up cracker state” – IOTW Report

Project Veritas: Gillum Staffer calls Florida a “f***ed up cracker state”

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  1. Well, he’s right about one part – Florida is rather weird. But then again, I’m not working for someone supposedly representing a portion of it.

  2. Hey Florida, you’ve been invaded by the North. Keep your state and vote November 6th!!! Tell the invaders to vote November 7th.

    Don’t replicate what they did up here.

    Love Ya!
    The Northeast Resistance

  3. The locals here, especially his FAMU block don’t care. They vote by skin color. Tallahassee and Leon County are lost causes, along with those south Florida counties.
    The commie only got 34% of Democrat primary.

  4. You just know he’s all bent out of shape right now knowing this video is an honest exposé. I’m betting he’s squirming both physically and mentally.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when he learned of and watched this video.

  5. I can see the governors limo with newly installed faux leopard skin interior and purple underlighting glowing away after sunset.

  6. Illinois is going to have a Justice Bros vacancy soon with Jackson being ill. He speaks bigot. A match made in shakedown hell. Fit him for a blow horn.

  7. Its so tough to always fault the dems. I mean Florida is a fucked up cracker state and Hillary has a point – they all DO look alike.

  8. He’s just saying out loud what thousands of others are thinking.
    Points for honesty. Not so many for perspicacity.

    Funny how other people complain that Florida’s overrun with negroes and mexicans.

    The politics of the “left” (read: nihilistic/socialistic/totalitarian) doesn’t have any tolerance for “plain speaking” and cannot afford any – thus the Goebbels/Izvestia/Pravda/Granma double-new-speak of every issue under the Sun – all the while evading or obscuring their intents and purposes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. JESSE is on the way out? Why have we seen nothing about that here? Can’t believe iOTW passing up good news like that.

  10. Yet during a 20 minute in-depth Live MSNBC Mourning Mika campaign commercial interview with Gillum this was not even mentioned.

  11. Florida is definitely effed up, but without the good crackers holding the place together it would totally collapse into a third world jungle. Been to Baltimore lately? This buckwheat offers nothing but chaos.

  12. “Wasting away again in effed up Crackerville
    Searching for my lost vial of crack
    Some people claim that there’s a Trumper to blame
    Now we know that the left is just whack….”

  13. Anon, Southeast/Miami is definitely Democrat, but ALSO ABSOLUTELY *CUBAN*…the slightest hint Gillum is a hardcore Socialist could start an allergic reaction.

  14. Just listening to Omar, gives me the creeps. He sounds like a real danger as far as communist, socialists go. Cunning and ruthless. When he reminds her about the saying, “Once we’re elected…” it’s clear how this guy operates.

  15. The locals tend to register democrat to be able to vote for the local city and county races, which are all democrats. I’ve heard the old argument for registering D to be able to have some say in the local governments. My argument is that I’ll never stoop so low as to have my name associated with the D party.
    I’ve always been registered as a Republican. First voted for Nixon in 1968. Even stayed R after having been in the DC area when Watergate brought about resignation of President Nixon. President Nixon was a saint compared to anyone running as a Democrat in the past 30 or so years.

  16. Git ‘er done, Florida.

    Hey, once I drove into the boonies in northern Florida and got lost. The people WERE odd – but there are places in Pennsyltransvania that are weird, too.

  17. Katika (@GOPPollAnalyst) HAS A GREAT SUGGESTION:
    She’s put together a number of 2 minute snippets from this video,
    and asks various people to post one of them to EVERY tweet from over at

  18. His fairy tale opening is typical for politicians.
    Then came President Donald J. Trump, a non politician, who actually does what he said he would do. Promises made – promises kept.
    I try to watch all his rallies. Our President actually says the same to all his audiences.
    I only wish he weren’t so cozy to the Iowa corn farmers and the ethanol bailout which is destroying our gasoline engines.

  19. So you just know when the commie blacks take over it won’t be “a fucked-up state” anymore.
    It will be a paradise, you know, like Zimbabwe, that jewel of Africa….


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