Proposal 5 to Amend Vermont’s Constitution

EthanAllanInstitute:: Proposal 5 to amend the Vermont Constitution to promote “reproductive liberty”, is now under Senate consideration. I don’t propose to discuss the “right to personal reproductive autonomy” that is the focus of that proposal, but the opening sentence would create a lot of problems.

That sentence reads as follows: “The people are guaranteed the liberty and dignity to determine their own life’s course.”

First off, this is a passive construction: “are guaranteed”. Who and what exactly is doing the guaranteeing?  MORE


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  1. Not to be outdone in the pursuit of infanticide, Leftists march in lock-step toward the destruction of humanity.

  2. “The people are guaranteed the liberty and dignity to determine their own life’s course.” So I can be a bank robber, a drug dealer, or a life long welfare scammer, that’s OK? And you say this is where Bernie Sanders is from?

  3. For the democrats to promote socialism, first they have to de valuate everything.
    Devalue being an American citizen – All are welcome, you don’t have to be a citizen to live here.
    Devalue working – Send the jobs over seas.
    Devalue the constitution – Pick the amendment they want to change.
    Devalue America – Make everything free – Heath care, Welfare, Education, Living wage (where everyone get something for nothing).
    And of course…………
    Devalue – Human life.
    Why, because dumb asses vote for them. Because they make a butt load of money doing it.
    And, More people need to see Hollywood is in it too. When Minimum wage for a Morning show host is $5M, $100,000 a week. But they’re all for $15 per hour.
    Hollywood and the Government are the same, they don’t have any money only what take.
    Hollywood in everything you buy.
    If I could save 15%, how much would I save if didn’t see, here or read that every 10 min.
    Democrats want the same thing, just drive the price down so they can own it all.

  4. I love you but I gotta get some sleep.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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