Protesters Clash At Black Lives Matter Mural In Front Of Trump Tower

Daily Caller: Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter protesters clashed at the Fifth Avenue mural in front of Trump Tower on Saturday, video and photos showed.

The All Lives Matter group arrived as a counter protest of Black Lives Matter, carrying “thin blue line” flags in support of law enforcement, the New York Post reported. A Black Lives Matter protester stole a flagpole from All Lives Matter demonstrators, almost starting a fight, the Post reported.

“You feel big and proud over that?” someone asked the protester who stole the flagpole, the Post reported. They replied, “yes.”

9 Comments on Protesters Clash At Black Lives Matter Mural In Front Of Trump Tower

  1. Our Tallahassee BLM street art is being marked by tire treads.
    Imagine that.

    It would be neat to do an old fashioned burnout on this “art” but most of today’s cars are underpowered with tiny 4 cylinder engines paired to an automatic or, even worse, a CVT with engin shutoff when the brakes are applied. People today wouldn’t be able to drive a real car with real engine and real transmission (manual).

  2. In the old days it would be rotten tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and then water ballons for the baffoons for those politicians that painted it and the jump suit necklace wearing Al Sharpie Sharp Sharpton.

    Political agendas of any type should not be put on a public street, because the public will do what it wants anyways.

    The question begs, why is the most expensive street of real estate and retail in NYC, and maybe ergo the world, closed right now? Just for a political statement by a bunch of Commies, that’s why. How long is this stunt suppose to go on before Fedex, UPS,ConEd trucks and cabbies, Ubers and others are rolling across it? DAILY.

    The Communist in Charge in NYC will be sued by the owners of properties and businesses along the whole dam fucking route, north and south of 55th street, east and west.

    Oh I get it, it will last until NYC is fully ‘opened’.

  3. I’m thinkin’ a spraybar of sorts concealed underneath a vehicle rigged to dump a gallon or so of Strypeeze across these ‘works of art’. The whole intersection would soon be a gooey sloppy mess that also eats expensive paint jobs off expensive cars. It would be a genuine hoot to watch the ensuing lawsuits against the cities that condoned this bullshit to begin with.


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