Protesters Demanding Impeachment Crash Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony in San Francisco


Progressive activists crashed an award ceremony honoring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at a San Francisco hotel on Wednesday night, demanding she support the introduction of articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Armed with signs that read “We can’t wait,” demonstrators stood on chairs while shouting, “Which side are you on, Pelosi? Impeach!” inside the InterContinental hotel, where the San Francisco Democrat Party members honored the longtime California lawmaker with a lifetime achievement award.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

“Impeach Trump now!” shouted activists, who initially had been quietly seated in the audience. One woman, Thais Marques, screamed into the packed room that her “people are being killed by white supremacists” across the country. She demanded action from Pelosi. Another activist said, “We are your constituents.”

Pelosi supporters tried to drown out the activists, chanting, “Let her speak” and waving signs of Pelosi’s face superimposed onto Rosie the Riveter’s likeness. Others opted to say “hush” in deep, hoarse voices, while others screamed, “Sit down!”

Pelosi continued with her remarks and quipped that the energy in the ballroom was “making me feel right at home,” a remark that was met with raucous cheers from the crowd.

While San Francisco police officers and security hauled the far-left activists out of the venue, it is unclear if any were taken into custody. Not only were protesters causing trouble inside the hotel, but outside of it as well. more here

SNIP: What is that on her nose!?

15 Comments on Protesters Demanding Impeachment Crash Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony in San Francisco

  1. She’s so old that patch on her nose must be lead based paint chipping off, which explains her weird behavior.

  2. Looks like a skin -cenoma thing.
    Time to see Ginsberg’s doctor.
    Doctor, doctor, Mr. M.D., can you tell me, what’s ailing me?

  3. That shit wouldn’t have happened to Hillary. What happened, Nancy? I was told by your daughter that you could cut somebody’s head off and they would even know they were bleeding.

  4. In regards to that thing on her nose, it can’t be Leprosy because she’s never been exposed to people in her district.

  5. I am all infavor of impeachment! Show me your evidence. After 2 1/2 years and $40 Mil, your boy didn’t have none, MORONS! No evidence, no impeachy!!!

  6. By gawd if there was ever a good reason to impeach, doing it to calm down raging San Fancrisco leftists has to be top of the list. Charge protesters with First Degree Murder. See how they like role reversal.

  7. The Island of Doctor Moron

    The thing in the crowd repeated in a louder tone, “Say the words.”

    “Impeach 45; that is the Law,”

    They repeated it in a kind of sing-song.

    I was puzzled. 15

    “Say the words,” said the girly-man, repeating, and the figures in

    the doorway echoed this, with a threat in the tone of their voices.

    I realised that I had to repeat this idiotic formula; and then

    began the insanest ceremony. The voice in the dark began intoning a

    mad litany, line by line, and I and the rest to repeat it. As they

    did so, they swayed from side to side in the oddest way, and beat

    their hands upon their knees; and I followed their example. I could

    have imagined I was already dead and in another world. That dark hut,

    these grotesque dim figures, just flecked here and there by a glimmer

    of light, and all of them swaying in unison and chanting, 17

    “Impeach 45; that is the Law. Are we not Girly Men? “

  8. I think if I were in the cast iron cookware bidness I’d have to have my foundry start casting giant, human sized cook pots for the lefties to use in boiling and rendering their compatriots with whom they disagree. “Boiled, not liberal enough fellow travelers! It’s what’s for dinner!”. Unsold stock could be exported to numerous happy African nations…

  9. The newest supply of radical leftist children are not used to how real politics worked before Trump. Promise everybody everything and then drop those promises like hot rocks after the election. Then make the same promises 4 years later…nobody remembers. Status quo on both sides. We just lose our natural rights a little slower when pols have an R at the end of their Aristocratic titles.


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