Protesters Sue City Because It’s So Expensive to Attack Police

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: It seems a fiberglass skateboard and a dry-rotted Polish military surplus gas mask aren’t enough to fight a proper revolution in the twenty-first century. Or at least the soy infused, anti-police, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist fascist, gay gamers/revolutionaries of the great northwest have come to find out.  

So much so, an ambulance chaser has file suit on behalf of protestors, claiming their constitutional rights have been violated by the police department’s “indiscriminate” use of common crowd control tactics, which have forced demonstrators to purchase “expensive” protective gear in order to safely continue to attack police and vandalize downtown Seattle businesses during their Summer of Love peaceful protest. more here

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  1. Just wait till they ask for taxpayer provided bullet proof vests for when they have really pissed off the citizens and Patriots of the United States. I’m thinking there are some that are having a hard time waiting until November 4th.

  2. The City of Seattle better request a change of venue or they’ll lose. A jury packed full of Karens and soyboys are sure to award the “peaceful protesters “ in a big way.

  3. This is perfect.
    I say do it, but attach a shitload of dumbass mandates in order for their purchase to qualify,.
    Three year waitlist, registry of said devices, mandatory training by police departments, with the final test a one-way ticket to China, North Korea, Venezuela to prove that the training worked.
    If the little soyboys and big gurrls make it back to US, they’ll be allowed to apply for a tax relief to a board of Trump-loving grandmas.

  4. I am getting sick and tired of the “peaceful protester” moniker that has being thrown around all summer.
    The Tea Party rallys that were held all over the country starting in 2009 were peaceful. The police who were assigned to monitor us looked bored, except for the few times the “counter-protesters” (agitators) exposed themselves and had to be taken away. I remember cleaning up the trash and filling trash bags that other participants had brought. The washington monument grounds were cleaner when we left than when we got there. These “useful idiots” had better get back into their mommie’s basements soon or they will soon get a taste of what the rest of America thinks about them real soon.

  5. “Now you are finally weaned off your mother’s tit, out of her suburban basement and ready for war on racism…..only to find yourself yelling into the faces of black cops.”

    She absolutely nails it.

    And the black cops are looking at their scrawny, lily-white soy faces and thinking, “I had no idea you people were so stupid and so annoying! Shaddup already! Go the f*ck home!”

  6. We really need to start pooling our cash to set up bounties on AntiFa. I think $1,000 per scalp is a good start. Worked with the injuns.


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